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  1. Is there a way to show a battle animation when you select the "Escape" option, and if it is can you change it with a variable or smtn I wanna have it change depending on who you have in the party and stuff, so a variable would be the easiest way to do it for me
  2. HelpPls

    Help with Common event calling

    Does it matter how I'm doing it? I'm asking if you can call an event and not if there is a easier way of doing it, I have a lot of other things I want to have be activated from the menu not just the scan. If there's no way of calling them normally then can I do it any other way? Like by activating a switch and then having a global autorun common event run in the battle.
  3. HelpPls

    Help with Common event calling

    The common event IS the scan window, I haven't made it yet, it's gonna probably be just choices of who to scan and stuff. But that isn't important, I'm asking if there's a way of calling common events with a party command, I don't wanna switch how the system is gonna work, If you know how to call a common event using the party command please tell me, otherwise I do not want any advice on how I can use this one scan system someone made.
  4. HelpPls

    Help with Common event calling

    It freezes, the bottom battle window remains open but it doesn't have that little fadein/out animation for the command chosen Because each character will have a different battle menu but I want any and all of them to be able to access the scan window, and I don't want to just give all of them another command cause it will clutter up the space for other actions, I know this is possible and I'm looking if people know how to make this work
  5. HelpPls

    Help with Common event calling

    I'm trying to add a scan system in my game that you can access from the main party battle menu like so (I am using Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Command List v1.09b) : When I click on the scan option it just freezes my game Here's the code I "wrote" in the actual script: I don't get what I'm doing wrong here, if anyone knows please help me out
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