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  1. Hello, all, my name is Kiyasu Oka, and I am a Taiwanese professional illustrator known as the "Magician of Color" from Taiwan. ^^ My home page is at www.kiyasugreen.com! I originally wanted to use my introduction thread to kind of post my art works, but decided to start my own art thread. Here are some of my RPG Maker community-related works: The first picture above is @TheoAllen's character, Nella Shadowind, from Journey of Skynesia. Also, here's a portrait I did for @Archeia: I am also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and my SCBWI Illustrator Gallery can reached from this redirect URL I made: www.kiyasugreen.com/portfolio n_n Hope you like my art gallery! Cheers and kind regards! Kiyasu
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    My full actual name is Kiyasu Oka, with Kiyasu being the first name and Oka being the last name. So my user ID is just my first name, and that's obvious? XD It has a lowercase "K" because "Kiyasu" looks a bit weird to me, and I thought "kiyasu" looks much better. Like, "Kiyasu Oka" looks good, but "Kiyasu" alone looks weird. While I'm at it, my home page is "Kiyasu Green" because kiyasu.com was taken back in the days I was registering for a domain and an e-mail account, so I had to pick something else. I was looking at the cup of green tea on my desk and decided to add "green" into the user ID and domain name, hence www.kiyasugreen.com ^^ So the title of my Web site is "Kiyasu Green," and my Gmail ID at the time would be "kiyasu.green." It has no meaning; it's only me adding a "green" into it because of "green tea" and thought it sounded OK and I went with it. I didn't like "kiyasuoka" either, and thought "kiyasugreen" looked better. I had to switch Gmail IDs last year in October due to storage almost being full, and that was a big moment because I've had a long history with the "kiyasu.green" Gmail ID and wished I could continue e-mailing with that. My new Gmail ID is "ganbarekiyasu," which comes from my favorite series of all time, Ganbare Goemon, so it's a meaningful user ID this time in both that way and in many other ways. n___n But I still miss using "kiyasu.green" as my main account because that account has a more meaningful e-mailing history, memories, and so much more!
  3. @Kayzee So happy you replied!! It also makes my day when I find more VX Ace club people! ^^ Speaking of "cute," I guess I will post some of my RPG Maker community-related portraits and art works here! Maybe this thread can be like an "art thread" of some sorts, while still being a part of my introduction post at the same time!
  4. @Rikifive Thank you!! So glad you welcomed me! @That One NPC Ah, Star Ocean! I really like Star Ocean: the Second Story. The battle systems of that and the Tales of games are lovely. Thank you for welcoming me too!!
  5. Hello, everyone! My name is Kiyasu Oka, and I am a professional illustrator and entrepreneur from Taiwan. I can speak and write in English, Japanese, and Mandarin (Traditional Chinese), and I do translation work as well. Maybe a good portion of people here may already recognize me. If you recognize me, you can say hi to me... always good to see familiar faces! I am a Taiwanese who kind of lived all over the world when growing up. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, move to Taiwan for kindergarten, to Italy for five years for elementary school, to the United States for 1.5 years for middle school, to Taiwan for about 3 years for the remaining of junior high school (middle school) and first semester of (senior) high school, then to Argentina for the remaining of my high school years. I returned to Taiwan since college days, attending the most prestigious university (National Taiwan University) as a mathematics major. I stayed in Taiwan for the rest of my adult life ever since then. I am a part of what I call the "VX Ace club," a term I started saying in referring to anyone who is firm to sticking to VX Ace forever. I do own the full licenses for MV and MZ as "just in case" purchases but basically almost never used them. I like VX Ace so much, and will never jump to MV or MZ. I like the lightness of the engine and how it can already do so much beyond what I thought. I also like that people who don't use the latest machines can run VXA games. My main computer is a Windows XP one modified from Windows 7, but I also have other computers. I like Windows XP and I don't own a smart phone. My Web site (home page) is at http://www.kiyasugreen.com where you can find my illustration works, and I have a profile at the official site of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. The game I'm currently developing is an LMBS-RPG (Linear Motion Battle System Role-Playing Game), with my friends like Barry Leitch, Lani Minella, and Tim Haywood and others in the staff. It's still in its very early stages (no spoilers), but I look forward to working on it in the years to come! My favorite Tales of games are Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (PS2), Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2), and Tales of Eternia (PSX). I also like Tales of Rebirth (PS2) and Tales of Phantasia (PSX). LMBS is the battle system used in many Tales of games. I have accounts on Discord (if you click around more, you should be able to find my Discord user ID ), Itch.io, YouTube, Twitch, and Steam, and if anyone would like to add me in any of these places, please feel free to do so. No need to ask me. I will most likely add anyone back as long as I can figure out where you might have found me, or if we have any mutual contacts. Introductions are unnecessary and I'll probably do the homework myself. If I don't add you back, it's most likely I missed your invitation and, in this case, simple e-mail me or send me a private message about it. I like networking with people when I can. My e-mail address is: kiyasu [at] kiyasugreen.com Lunar New Year kind of just passed, but I would like to attach my illustration greetings to this post! Happy Lunar New Year! Kind regards, Kiyasu
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