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  1. I do have an idea what I can do, make a certain attack be a certain element, and make those status weak against it (all while curing the effect when attacked on) that can work
  2. is there away to make a certain attack do more damage (roughly 4 times) if the Status is inflicted say Silent or blind
  3. Blackan

    Main Menu and Game Over Trasnition

    skip title screen script? won't that skip loading as well?
  4. Blackan

    Main Menu and Game Over Trasnition

    Correction, Blue to No Tint
  5. Blackan

    Main Menu and Game Over Trasnition

    All I did was tint the Screen to Blue and Black. Transfer player without transition then Fade to Blue and black, here's a screen shot
  6. Hey I want to change a script transition, usually when you start a new game or game over starts, they usually just fade in and out but I want to change it to tinting a screen instead (similar to how Sonic 2 fade to blue and then black works) I've done it through transfer characters and events, I just want this method done for Main Menu and game overs 2021-03-07-2115-48.mp4
  7. Blackan

    NES/8bit style transitions?

    Old thread, but I know a trick that will help First tint your screen to only one Colour for 20 frames then 10 frames and Tint it black completely, Transfer your player to where they need to go, but make sure there's no fade when doing this Then simply Tint the colour back 20 frames you used before and then full colour the screen 10 frames in I figured out this method when looking up Sega Master system fade ins, This method was also used in Sega Mega drive games
  8. Blackan


    I'm just a newcomer here, I'm looking for script help, can someone please point me at the right direction? :)
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