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    Finer control of Battler Motion

    I wanted to know if there are any ways that i could control the battler motion on specific moments. It might sound strange but let me explain with the video capture some examples of what i'd like to do, you can watch a video capture of my battle here: 1- First, i'd like to show a different motion when you get hit while guarding. Having the same damage motion as a normal hit makes it look like guarding didnt do anything special. This motion could be draw from an empty motion slot, i'm not using the swing or missile slots. 2- Second, it bothers me how when the character is on low HP it plays the crisis motion loop, but when it comes to its turn, it gets up with the regular idle motion and that kinda makes it feel like the character got healed. I'd like to make it stay in the Crisis loop until the moment you input the command of this turn, then change it to the Ready Physical motion while it goes up to the target, like it does when the HP is plentyful, bc it looks weird as hell he moving while crouching I think that's pretty much it, idk how hard that'd be or if there's a plugin or something like that, but i really wish i could do this kind of stuff Thanks!
  2. Hi, i'm a indie dev from Brazil and i'm developing my game heavily influenced by Brazil's and South America's culture, it's called Toada Brava, this is how it's looking so far Hope to find a community here and maybe a programmer that can help me with plugins (also kinda wish i could edit my profile but ok) See you around
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