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  1. Checked sripts of both, they don't have it.
  2. Szibes

    Setting variable to ID of used skill

    I really should stop ignoring threads after I found an answer I've been looking for. So, to anyone in the future that might have similar question: I used Tsukihime's formula effects and put this into notebox. <formula effect> $game_variables[VAR_ID] = X </formula effect> I ran into some problems when trying using it with skills that use "Kernel.eval method" that uses skill ID, allows to put more than 100 characters into damage formula, but I changed it to the one that don't require skill ID, and it worked like a charm. If you want to use this, I've found about it HERE. If you can't use this method, put into effects a common event that sets that variable into this skill ID.
  3. From what I have seen, enemies chose their skill to perform on the beginning of their turn. This results in some awkward situations in my project, examples: 1. Actor applied a state on enemy which seals a skill. This enemy will still try to perform that skill, without any effects or animation (but apparently things in notes are still executed, such as Moghunter's battle motions) instead of picking another available skill. 2. Enemy has a state that forces them to use a skill, but they won't do it until next turn. 3. Foe has a state which allows them to use particular skills. Player uses a skill that removes that state to prevent them from doing that, but enemy still uses that skill in current turn. How do I change that, so enemies will take into account their current conditions (you know, states) before choosing which skill they use?
  4. Is this possible to set an variable to ID of a skill when actor uses it?
  5. Szibes

    Where I can get Quasi Movement script?

    Thank you, but this script requires quasi module. Do you also have it?
  6. Szibes

    Where I can get Quasi Movement script?

    Sorry, I put the wrong link, meant this one- https://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/27200-quasi-movement/
  7. Link to this script that is here is dead. Does anyone have a copy of this script, or knows where I can get it.
  8. Szibes

    PHA affecting ONLY healed HP

    For what I know pharmacology affects HP and MP healed with items. How do I change that so it will only affect amount of healed HP and leave MP heal unaffected.
  9. Szibes

    Preventing escaping battle when switch is ON

    I am an idiot, I am braindead moron. The script that you wrote works perfectly, but I just completly messed up when writing that post. I wanted a script that would prevent escaping AFTER battle started, i.e. changing escape ratio from 1 to 0, I assumed that your script was doing just that. But I somehow managed to find solution because of this. I know next to nothing about writing scripts in ruby, but I was able to make small change in the script. module BattleManager #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Escape Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def self.process_escape $game_message.add(sprintf(Vocab::EscapeStart, $game_party.name)) success = $game_variables[14] == 1 Sound.play_escape if success process_abort else # @escape_ratio += 0.1 $game_message.add('\.' + Vocab::EscapeFailure) $game_party.clear_actions end wait_for_message return success end end I don't know if that's optimal solution, but it works for me so happy with it. I'm sorry for my misleading writing, and thank you for your help.
  10. Szibes

    Preventing escaping battle when switch is ON

    After entering battle I'm getting no method error: "undefined method 'setup' for nil:NilClass" for line 7.
  11. In my project you either have 100% or 0% chance of escaping battle, but depending on circumstances you can escape from otherwise inescapable battle an vice versa. Question is: How I can bound escape ratio to a switch/variable, I mean, when switch is turned ON/variable changed to 1 battles become inescapable.
  12. Szibes

    Calculating skill MP cost AFTER using skill

    Okay, it works perfectly how. Thank you for your help.
  13. The idea is that, enemy uses an action that applies "Looped" status on actor, any actor with this state will perform their last used skill over and over again. I'm pretty sure it's possible with Tsukihime Action History but I don't have any real scripting knowlege, so I don't know how to utilize it. Another (and I think easier, for me) idea for this is a common event that sets variable to ID of used skill, and another one that forces actor to perform skill with that id. Then I need SOMETHING that can set variable to skill ID. I want to thank you in advance for even an attempt in helping me with this.
  14. Szibes

    Calculating skill MP cost AFTER using skill

    It didn't work. Enemies still use up their MP before performing skill.
  15. I apologize for any missused words or grammatical errors. In my project there's a mechanic (which uses Yanfly LPP Empower) that lowers character's stats depending on how much MP they have left. It means that, for example, if character has 50% of MP, their ATK is decreased by 50%. The problem is, by default engine takes MP from pool BEFORE performing a skill, which means that evrytime an character uses a skill that costs MP, they will be always using skills with lower stats than normal. Because my project uses very small numbers (Every actor or enemy has 10 max MP) this change is very noticable, especially with costly skills, effectively making evry skill in the game deal less damage than they should. So, my question is, can I change base script, so that MP is taken from the MP pool AFTER using a skill?
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