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  1. https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3145507/1/Lucifer-God-s-beloved-son This is a story I written about Lucifer. It entertained the idea of whether it is possible for Lucifer to repent.
  2. chongjasmine

    'Splain Your Username

    My username is really simple. It is my surname and my christian name. My surname is chong and my christian name is Jasmine, and hence chongjasmine.
  3. chongjasmine

    What features would be included in your dream RPG Maker?

    I cannot think of any feature I will like. Maybe this is because I am a newbie when it comes to rpg-making. I just bought mv recently, and experimented with it.
  4. chongjasmine

    Hello from Singapore!

    Hello, I am chongjasmine from Singapore. Just got rmmv. Love it. Will try it soon.
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