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  1. Hello an introduction to the project is here: There are a couple SV battlers, like the ones pictured above, that I need converted into RMMV DS Character sets like the ones pictured below. DM Me for details
  2. Geode3

    The Mages Tower

    Hi I'm Geo I'm making a game that's a mix of all my favorite kinds of games which includes features like: Monster collection, Roguelike randomization, STATS, STATS EVERYWHERE, complex turn-based strategy, Base building, extreme Hero and party customization, The Mages Tower is an ancient structure with many different biomes, creatures, and mages. It exists outside of the world but has doors that link to it. (Think Howls Moving Castle) You play as 1 of 8 characters who each have a unique backstory lending to their stats, starting items & their abilities. For Example, Althea, pictured below, was kidnapped 2 years ago by a mage who lived in the tower. He enthralled her using magic and she was forced to serve him until the effects of the illusions started to wane. She mustered enough self-control to poison the mage and free herself. Now, trapped in the labyrinth of the Mages Tower, she must try to survive and eventually escape. Althea starts with very little except the items she stole from her captor, the ability to craft poisons, and a 50% resistance to illusion magic. In battle, you fight with your Hero and 2 other monsters that you collect and customize with stats, items & skills. Right now there are over 250 creatures. I'm hoping to finish by early next year and release it commercially. Thnx 4 reading : )
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