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  1. (* Since my English level is not very good, the following content is temporarily translated using DeepL Translator.) Anyway, this is an unofficial "RPG Maker Series Default BGM RTP" community voting event organized by netizens, and foreigners are very welcome to participate. In fact, I will hold this small community voting activity mainly because I think many of the default BGM of RPG Maker series are very often heard, but these BGM are quite good after listening to them for a long time, and I want to know other people's preference for these default BGM. Community Vote Period: Now ~ September 20, 2021 (GMT +8 ) Community Vote Result: September 22, 2021 (GMT + 8 ) Prize: NT$150 Steam Digital Gift Card (5 persons in total) This contest requires a Google account and a maximum of 5 votes per item. In addition, those who participated in the popular vote campaign will be randomly selected on September 22, 2021 (GMT + 8), when the results are announced. 5 participants will be randomly selected to receive a Steam digital gift card of NT$150 each as a prize. These 5 winners will be contacted via email and asked for their Steam ID to facilitate the delivery of the prize. This event is open to participants from other overseas regions, but in the event of a lucky draw, the Steam system will send the prizes to the winners. However, in the case of a lucky draw, the Steam system will automatically convert the prizes to local currency according to your country of residence when sending the prizes. * The Community Vote is an "unofficial" fan event. https://forms.gle/7quK2tajWdZP6Nyd6
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    Hello everyone, you can just call me "Mirai". Although my English is not very good, please take care of me. I'm main using RPG Maker MV/MZ , although I'm still a novice.
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