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  1. Sarrugi

    Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief

    About SF2, you still can use two weapons, but indeed the system is more limited. In Evalice SaGa it's 3 if memory serves. I would like the equipment script. I think it'll be a better approach than to MinSaGa's I have tried. I want the equipments to work like in Minstrel Song, breakable but "cheap" to repair. They really did weapons well adding new forms to them based on how you alter them. A touch I want to do is to use accessories or items as materials to make pure weapons into elemental Tools for better customization. I also took a liking to Frontier 1's Gift approach, because it adds characterization.
  2. Sarrugi

    Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief

    @roninator2 Yes, the stats are quite cluttered, unfortunately. I just dig-out scene scripts by convenience. The windows are currently one of my worst enemies in that regard. And also, whoa. This equip scene looks great! I will check it out to see what I can use or base upon of it. @kayzee I think 4 weapons are a bit too illogical. I prefer the two-handed system from the Final Fantasy series. I also plan to reduce the equipment slots to something like Frontier rather than Minstrel Song, as I used in the screen-shots for the sake of less visual pollution. I don't know how I'll handle Quells for the time being, though... A thing I think Romancing SaGa and Frontier have failed is over how they neglected displaying elemental defences, and the only clue to a character's defenses were the equipments' stats and the multipliers to the elements.
  3. Sarrugi

    Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief

    Ah, no. I won't do away with Glimmering. I would only if I tried to go with 2k3. I am not familiar with XP to say whether it is usable for what I aim to. Since there is a script for VXA, I am using it. Code Crush's (or known as Claimh) allows the user to do some long lists of Glimmer chances and derivations... really useful. I've expressed myself badly, actually. I forgot to reiterate I am planning to use the Classmark system from PSP Tactics Ogre instead of FFV's more liberal system. There is a way, but it requires a lot of alterations on the scripts' settings. I know a bit only, but enough to operate things. Thank you for your evaluation. I tried to use your SaGa Leveling system some years ago, but I failed to do what I wanted. But maybe I can go with another approach other than what I've been planning...
  4. Sarrugi

    Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief

    I would have to resort to Common Events to do something similar in 2k3. I mean, the nearest thing of SaGa would be the Free-scenario system. About the leveling system, I intend to make a mix between FFV and RS3 instead of a pure-SaGa fashion I envisioned years ago. I still am to correct the menu interfaces, though. I only intend to put the Name and sprite in it, alongside the defense statuses + weight.
  5. Sarrugi

    Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief

    I use VX Ace. Although I have considered using 2003 in the past due to the superior mapping style.
  6. Laigos SaGa - Scourge of the Phantom Thief Greetings, RMCentral. I came here to try and expose my game, Laigos SaGa. I have been developing this game for years, and I am comfortable to say the advancement of the plot, and by extension some of what I could accomplish system-wise, has reached the farthest point in those years. So, I determined it would be a good idea to expose the game here. Without further ado, I will jump to the synopsis. The Synopsis and the Three Heroes Features Current Progress Character sprites: 5/10 NPC sprites: 2/10 Songs: 8/10 Story events: 6/10 Major events: 4/10 Minor events: 2/10 Game system: 3/10 Battle system: 6/10 Skills/Magic sequences: 3/10 Maps: 0/10 Overall: 3/10 Media Credits I am open to suggestions and critique, hence why I made this thread. I think I have gatekept my game a bit too much from outside my social circle, so this is an opportunity to actually expose it. Thank you in advance for the space given!
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