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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1810220/discussions/0/3492006430696446617/ Head to the Steam Page & check the game/discussion board news, I've returned to continue Act 2, I'm planning on using AI/OpenArt & ChatGPT to help code/write/art. They new tools sound perfect for streamlining game development & will let me remaster most of ACT 1's graphics/code & whatnot while giving new ideas for quests/story plots for ACT 2, check the (Fiverr Link on the Steam Page) to donate & help fund the project.
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE, FUND-RAISING. I've decided to move onto a new Project. This game will become free to play once it hits $500 on steam, current only 88$ has been made, alongside that change my base source code to the data/maps will be added so you can all modify the game as you see fit for personal usage. This requires owning RPG MAKER ACE. I might later release ACT 2, which shall still be paid DLC content, & will be used as a way to donate to my other projects.
  3. Either, you can turn it off by making true into false, if I'm not mistaken. $auto_save = true then make manual saves in a script call with DataManager.save_game(3) But I haven't tested it.
  4. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Last year I downgraded to a older acer aspire E 15 laptop it's about 6 years old & only 2.3ghz, it's plenty capable, ace games can be very unoptimized & even mine suffers from having a lot of parallel events running needing 3.0ghz to run smoothly at 60fps even after I optimized it. Clicking through the first menu to fast & using different menus in the demo caused crashing but I chalk that part to the removal of the driving scripts to get it working in the first place.
  5. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    The problem I had was with your driving scripts they weren't working because I was missing a custom library file or something.
  6. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    This was extremely improper on roninator2's part, please pull/delete the files you've posted, mainly for volunteering me, . JK Firstly PhoenixSoul I suggest never including your data map files beyond what's needed in to show the issue your having. The demo could have been built better if all the files were just for the demo you can ignore the above comment, The demo didn't work on my end either, had to remove a few scripts to properly launch it without crashing it. The game freezes up a lot too, so I removed the intro text of the game to speed up finding this issue within the scripts. Load this in your project editor & pull the two scripts out, the bar should be working, but the icon a bit glitched on the screen at the bottom. Don't just drop it into your folder overwriting the original back it up, open a second editor to pull the scripts. Scripts.rvdata2 I moved your edits into my script & then I edited your main. Venka-Crafting Stations = Crafting Script Customize Settings - v3.8 Crafting Script v3.8 MAIN lines edited 1208 draw_text(rect.x + 65, rect.y + font_height - 75, 240, 28 - font_height, Directions_Msg, 1) #draw_text(120, 240 + font_height - 50, 240, 28 - font_height, Directions_Msg, 1) 1229 draw_gauge(rect.x + 75, rect.y - 75, 240, rate, gc1, gc2) #draw_gauge(120, 240 - 50, 240, rate, gc1, gc2) I tried to figure out exactly why your bar & text wasn't showing up so I had to tinker with these lines. The main issue was the game launched from the editor worked just fine, but when launched from the game.exe it wouldn't show the bar/text. It was the most bizarre weird glitch I have ever seen, I honestly can't figure out what caused it nor could I find the secondary cause in the Crafting Script Customize Settings - v3.8, placing the edits in my Venka-Crafting Stations fixed it by I have no idea why, you'll need to add your other edits that are missing. I see I missed these. :title_text => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, true, 0], :recipe_name => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, true, 14], :recipe_list => [["Consolas Italic"], 12, true, 0], :header_text => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, true, 1], :description => [["Consolas Italic"], 13, false, 0], :help_text => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, false, 17], :other_text => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, false, 0], :button_text => [["Consolas Italic"], 20, true, [0, 255, 0, 200]],
  7. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    No that should be fine, all I meant is customize is above crafting in the script order. #=============================================================================== # Crafting Script ´╗┐Customize Settings ´╗┐- v3.8 updated: 10/27/2014 #===========================================================================´╗┐==== Crafting Script v3.7 updated: 12/15/2014 # Based off of Cooking Script v1.0 for RPG Maker VX by GubiD Keep Menu Addon & try moving Difficulty Settings & the others all the way to the bottom below MAIN SCRIPTS so they don't function to see if it's one of them messing with it. What I don't understand is why your script would work for me & not you, so it's always good to copy the other scripts away to bottom for testing purposes unless you can make a new project folder to just test these scripts, I'm thinking it has to be a conflict somewhere. I only use the first two & menu, so if it's something wrong with the difficulty one I won't know how to fix it & thats what it seems like it starting to look like.
  8. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Edit, Everything works on my. bars/text shows up, had to switch to true on auto learn to to test it out first time. I tried replacing the recipe numbers, 0 with 1, & having them all in order 1 2 3 4, wasn't an issue. "Press \\r\\*[37] when the bar is green" I don't think that will work when in " " quotes, if that's an issue(might just on my end). I tired swapping the script order. Crafting Script Customize Settings - v3.8 goes above 3.7 in the script order. that wasn't the is. Might be a script conflict with other scripts in your order try place these two & it's menu addon if used higher up on the script list. Now I've done learn_recipe(600) $craft[7].set_level(40) craft(7) add crafting items. Still works, besides the "Press \\r\\*[37] no issue with not having bar. edit learn_recipe(600) learn_recipe(601) learn_recipe(602) learn_recipe(603) learn_recipe(604) learn_recipe(605) learn_recipe(606) checked as well
  9. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    post yours & I'll fix it if you can't find the issue vs mine.
  10. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Can you post a small clip of what it's suppose to look like & where it doesn't Wait nvm I think I understood, so your first tab has it set up to show press enter or something & the bar slides to green & you press the button. & it's missing from your 3/4th crafting menus.
  11. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    & you checked this part too?
  12. EXVA

    Shift-Clicking Equels Ghost Mode?

    Shift clicking is a default mechanic it has nothing to do with the tileset/scripts, but a script that I use a lot is Yanfly Engine Ace - Move Restrict Region v1.03 npc/player region restrictions. & you can put this on map properties like this. <npc restrict: 39> <player restrict: 39> Place around the places you don't want to move & you should be good. Side note its possible you may need to learn about the scripts positioning. but this might save you some trouble with 8 directional/pixel movement? Npc Forbid? when 1; region = $game_map.region_id(x-1, y+1) when 2; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y+1) when 3; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y+1) when 4; region = $game_map.region_id(x-1, y+0) when 5; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y+0) when 6; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y+0) when 7; region = $game_map.region_id(x-1, y-1) when 8; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y-1) when 9; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y-1) Player Forbid? when 1; region = $game_map.region_id(x-1, y+1) when 2; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y+1) when 3; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y+1) when 4; region = $game_map.region_id(x-0.5, y+0) when 5; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y+0) when 6; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y+0) when 7; region = $game_map.region_id(x-1, y-1) when 8; region = $game_map.region_id(x+0, y-0.5) when 9; region = $game_map.region_id(x+1, y-1) It makes the positioning slightly better but might need to be adjust per use depending on your movement scripts.
  13. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    The terminology section effect text, Directions_Msg, Craft_Button_Text Start_Scene = ["Book1", 80, 100] # Sound on book open Success_Sound = ["Item1", 80, 75] # Crafted successfully Premature_Sound = ["Disappointment", 80, 100] # Crafted too soon Failure_Sound = ["Chime1", 80, 50] # Crafted too late Level_Up_Sound = ["Sound2", 80, 100] # Gained crafting level #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # - Text Settings - #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Craft_Button_Text = "Create" # What the begin crafting button displays Directions_Msg = "Press 'Enter' when the bar is green" # Instructions Text Possessed_Text = "Currently Owned:" # Total Owned Text Ingredients_Text = "Ingredients:" # Ingredients Text Needed_Owned_Text = "Need/Have" # Needed/Owned Text Level_Text = "Lv:" # Level Text EXP_Text = "Exp" # Exp Text #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- # - Results Pop-up Window Settings - #=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Pop_up_Window = true # Use the pop up window Result_Opacity = 255 # Result window's over all opacity. Number 0 - 255 Result_BGOpacity = 215 # Result window's background opacity (default 192) Results_Text = "Results" # Text shown at the top of the Results Window Failed_Msg = "You have failed at creating this item." # Fail message Result_Msg = "You crafted:" # Success Message Lv_Gain = "Leveled Up!!" # Level up message Exp_Earned = "Exp earned:" # Exp Earned message Max_Exp = "Maxed Out!" # Message for max exp Learn_Text = "Learned:"
  14. EXVA

    Venka Crafting Script: (read for more details)

    Timer_Type = :timer Make sure this isn't set to none I think your wanting it active. Timer_Type = :timer # Set to :active, :timer, or :none Crafting_Time_Max = 1000 # Max craft time (total time) Crafting_Buffer = 30 # Buffer to activated timer (window for claiming) Default_Craft_Time = 500 # Default craft time (when to claim item) Time_Variance = 100 # Variance to craft time, set to 0 to disable Accelerate_Time = true # Craft time gets faster as you out level them # This is the rate to speed up craft time. This should be between 0.1 and 0.9 Accelerate_Rate = 0.9 # The lower the number, the faster it speeds up. Time Variance would effect timing too same for Accelerate.
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