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  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1810220/Gears_of_Phantasm_Destiny_TailoredAct_I/ A classic styled JRPG offering a somewhat different approach on how RPGs can be designed. Uses a customized battle system, (while a prototype & not without its quirks)still evolves basic front facing battlers to the next Lvl exploiting the build-in engine combat & evented animations. The Real Time Combat is quite the change of pace from turn based RPG MAKER based games. However combat has always played second fiddle to exploration & characters with deep story. Now go fetch these orbs & track down that evil doer before the world comes to a sudden end! (WARNING READ ONLY) IF INTO DEPRESSING REALITY & WHAT GOES THROUGH MY MIND! But how much depth does collecting 4 orbs to "save the world & defeat the bad evil doer" have? What approach could even be possibly taken to try & refresh a formula older than even myself. Well, building the ground work was the easy part, & completing it is another hurdle all together. With half finished questlines, dev rooms sitting there unfinished, & dungeons that require work. I'm left pondering, was this really a game I created for the sole purpose of being sold on steam, or was it some kind of way of getting a little control back into life from reality of being a shut-in. Creativity only goes so far, exploration & average NPCs that simply serve their simple function, doesn't seem to get you quite there to the nostalgic levels of being thrusted in a Fantasy World as you once had way back as a kid playing all those 2D RPGs for the very first time, what is left. Two & half years with a good bit of content to offer yet feel it lacking as a void to be completed. The drive of wanting to make money undermines the whole passion of wanting to game dev... Just trying to market has torn me away from wanting to make all the additional content I want. I don't know just ramblings of a dev who feels overly attached with 1st game world to move on. Asset-Terms From Creators.txt
  2. I think I've seen a flying script before, but yea I definitely dashing at a high spd is useful I currently have a meter script but its tied to autodash. I use a modified Yami Engine Symphony - Dash Stamina. Works fairly well.
  3. Oh now the super spd is breaking when I tried it again, well that seems to been a futile effort, move to fast you break the game, lol figures. Low spd works tho so not a total waste of time I suppose.
  4. Hmm, possible I was wrong. at return .15 its the same spd & I can't tell the different between this & what I already had smoothness wise. All this seems to do is mess up the the auto dash, & walk that I've setup using a different script not sure if I'm going to scratch the Sprint Script since it lags to much when using it, this sorta functions better but I'm not sure if its really going to make any kind of difference. This was interesting enough tho. class Game_Player < Game_Character def distance_per_frame if Input.press?(Input::A) return 0.15 else return 0.2 end end end I could use this & ditch the sprint mete, I'll lose the ability to walk & only dash for a short amount of time but who really walks in games like this, &the short sprint might just annoying players more than anything else. So I'd be trading a parallel event & redundant feature in-exchange for a slightly better sprint that people would abuse. Thats a tough call to make honestly.
  5. EDIT THX IT WORKS. class Game_Player < Game_Character def distance_per_frame return 0.2 end end This doubled my player spd with the pixel movement script I was using. Now it looks more reasonable, but the fps does dip slightly so I'll have to adjust for that however this was expected, your pretty amazing.
  6. Oh was also using a pixel movement maybe thats why. I currently have it setup where I can move a half tile each time I step, this method makes the whole game a lot better with very few graphical errors. I'll try your edit to see if it works like I'm hoping, its less spd I'm after & more a way to create a more gliding movement as it looks pretty stutterie in my game project but that might be due to the fact I got the whole open world map total cram-packed with events so instead of the 66frames I have it set to its about 50~55 fps on the main map, 60hz limits it to 60frames anyways but it should be fine at 66fps regardless. I found the game to be more stable with slightly higher fps but unbottlenecking it 6frames.
  7. Ever wonder if super speed was possible without lag, well it was rather simple & not so advanced... class Game_Player < Game_Character def movable? return true end end (ISSUES)Below Events don' trigger when ran across, this doesn't seem that bad. (EXPLOITATIVE POSSIBILITIES) well super speed wasn't exactly what I was wanting, I just happened across it & now I'm wondering if theres a way to slow the player down. (WHY)Well I noticed while the frames did dip the movement of the game looks smooth. (Smooth)Yes zipping around maps without any stutter almost like magic, seems legit. (But)ISSUES FROM ABOVE WITH BELOW EVENTS, SO CONCLUSION? (IF SOMEONE WAS TO FIDDLE AROUND WITH THE ISSUE & GRANT PLAYER SLOWING!) QUESTION, WOULD THIS MAKE THE COOLEST IDEA EVER IN CONCEPT?(MIND BLOWN!)
  8. EXVA

    Another Not so fun scripting ACE ?

    Thx for the ideas, I figure this out & it works using return. def element_rate(element_id) return features_pi(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) unless element_id == 1 return er = features_with_id(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id).inject(1.0) do |r, ft| r += (ft.value - 1.0) end [er, 0].max end This lets element stack to 75+75+75+75 aka 25+25+25+25 to 100% Immune another+75 aka grants it absorbing, using a script not sure if that is default. While at the same time if you have another one of the elements they are %. This extends the functionally of the engine a bit more for those who need it. I'm currently using it on a Physical Element 1 which stacks for Defense against Counter Hits. AKA if you attack get countered instead of using the default armor formula it sends back Elemental 1 damage, thus you block that with a flat rate, judged by the type of armor you wear. Light armor maybe only grant a flat rate of 5% for each equipped. & so on, nothing to special.
  9. EXVA

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    Its so nice to see coders still around to help people with this soft of stuff for ACE. I dabble, with edits but I couldn't actually write code thats for sure, but I've systematically hacked apart & pieced all my game scripts to function next to each other its insane as I got some wicked script combos that just shouldn't be compatible period with each other. BUT NOW IF YOU CAN ONLY HELP ME WITH MY OTHER TOPIC LOL JK!
  10. EXVA

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    Being Able to expand functionally in a game is important, thats whymost buffs/ modifiers should apply to all places equally so you can craft the best custom gear.
  11. EXVA

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

  12. EXVA

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    Got it to work with this. def apply_armor_multiplier(damage) if @crit_target.is_a?(Game_Actor) if @crit_target.equips[6] != nil note = $data_armors[@crit_target.equips[6].id].note else note = "" end if note.index('<crit multiplier') == nil then return damage end start = note.index('<crit multiplier') + 17 apply_multiplier(note, start, damage) else damage end end You have to add it to the right slots, aka I have amulet in slot 6 so 6 worked I believe, so I'll have to add this 6-7 times to cover all 8 of my custom slots. THX SO MUCH FOR THE BRAINSTORMING!
  13. EXVA

    Script Editing For RPG MAKER ACE.

    Its close, I believe, but not dice, the note = $data_armors[@crit_target.class_id].note the target.class might be whats holding it back, I think it needs a .equip[0] like the weapon not sure I'll mess around with it abit. Edit Nope, Didn't work trying this either. hmm, maybe it just wasn't meant to be. def apply_armor_multiplier(damage) if @crit_target.is_a?(Game_Actor) if @crit_target.equips[0] != nil note = $data_armors[@crit_target.equips[0].id].note else note = "" end if note.index('<crit multiplier') == nil then return damage end start = note.index('<crit multiplier') + 17 apply_multiplier(note, start, damage) else damage end end
  14. How would one go about making the element id one the 1 element Apply Stack while making the rest Multiplicative, The hashtags# are what replaces the Multiplying of Elemental resistance, thus they stack additively 25+25+25+25=100 I tried use a if statement such as if element_id = 1 However attempts like this failed in only making the it glitch out giving all elements the same boost of one or simply applied the Stacking overriding all elements at once. Which is what I'm trying to avoid, but there seems no way to designate a certain element. Mostly likely I'll have to choose one or the other sadly but this is the nature of coding! Game_Battlerbase def element_rate(element_id) features_pi(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id) #er = features_with_id(FEATURE_ELEMENT_RATE, element_id =1).inject(1.0) do |r, ft| #r += (ft.value - 1.0) #end #[er, 0].max #end end
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