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    Winter - A Samurai tale

    What you do when all your dreams are shattered? Personally I find that the stories behind works of art are almost as fascinating (sometimes more) than the work itself. If you think like me this little section where I tell a little the story of my life and why I decided to create this game could be interesting I would like to warn you that English is not my mother tongue and although I have made a great effort to correct all the mistakes, grammar has always been my Achilles heel. So I would thank if you can point me to any mistakes you find or phrases you think don't sound right. Thank you for your understanding and have a good game! https://laede-aveugle.itch.io/winter-a-samurai-tale
  2. BlindBard

    Hello from France

    Hello guys, I am a "veteran" who has been playing with RPG maker since RPG maker 2000, but who has never managed to create a project worthy of sharing. Fortunately this will change, because I can't wait to share with you the first part of my games filled with samurai (this Friday I think I can have a demo of more than an hour) A bientôt!
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