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  1. Im Currently Making a Game in RPG Maker VX Ace Thats Set in an Alternate Reality where 9/11 and the JFK Assassination never happened With Zeppelins, Anthro Characters, Mythical Beings, Magic, UFOs and Space Stations Exist and Want Something like a Script that Can Show Off The Scale and Size of the Zeppelins and Space Stations Similar to How the Super FX Chip Works in Yoshis Island or How the 3D Acceleration Works in DS Games like Pokemon Black and White i want a script to show off the scope of things like zeppelins, space shuttles, ufos, space stations, satellites, or simple things like the brooklyn bridge, statue of liberty and the twin towers of the alternate ny skyline heres the current progress on my game im making i dont want anything with too much polygons i just want something simple to use in cutscenes or while the level is loading or to give people motion sickness /j kinda like this scene from sonic heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYkyUT0ZTIg=0m12s or this or even this
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