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  1. Dev_With_Coffee

    OTHER Rm2k Tools - Windowed Mode

    I'm sorry... Tray: RpgMaker2000
  2. Added functions:
    - F6 key replaced by F3 to toggle full screen mode
    - Screenshot with F2-Key
    - Change or disable Screenshot key on RPG_RT.ini
    - Set output Screenshots on RPG_RT.ini

    1. kyonides


      So you replaced them in order to let it use your modifications, right?

      Or does the old button still work? Sort of...

    2. Dev_With_Coffee


      The developer can use the button he prefers as long as it is on the list, I put F3 for convenience, the others can be used for other functions.

  3. Why I created this tool: Games made with Rpg Maker 2000 have the full screen function, as this method we cannot: Open windows of other programs in front that work in "Alway On Top" Quickly switch to another process window (Alt+Tab) This happens because RPG_RT.exe changes the monitor's resolution to 320x240 when in focus, even though the video doesn't have that option, as this was how machines with operating systems prior to Windows 7 worked : Many current computers when opening a game made with Rm2k can generate a DirectDrawn error, I think it was the DDERR_UNSPORTED error. This could be resolved by the player changing the compatibility mode or even forcing the game to start in windowed mode. But this frustrates the player, so I thought of a way to do this without having to change the RPG_RT.exe source code. This tool is exclusively for use with Steam version RPG_RT.exe (1.6.1). I didn't prepare this to work through the editor because I think it's unnecessary, the focus is on the player having the experience Just like Rm2k Tools I made this tool because I love this version of RPG Maker and because I would like to keep it on the official website without violating the EULA, it was made as a gift for other users of this editor, so please, instead of complaining just download it and if you like it, at least react positively to the topic and the video, something that doesn't take any work. How to install in game: Just copy Game.exe to your project folder and run it directly. Default settings are: Aspect ratio Cannot switch to stretched mode Game.exe uses RPG_RT.ini to store and save settings. To force the game to start in Stretched Mode just insert this line: Stretched=1 To allow the player to toggle between Stretched and Aspect ratio with the F3 key enter this line: F3Enabled=1 Every time you press the key the configuration will be automatically saved in RPG_RT.ini, so the player will not need to press the key again the next time he opens the game. Change screenshot key or to disable: ScreenshotKey=F7 The available options are: F1, F2, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and 0 or any other value to disable If no key is defined, the [F2] key will be defined automatically. If you disable the Screenshot folder it will not be created at game startup. Changing the path to the screenshots folder, examples: ScreenshotPath=%UserDocs% Available options are: %UserDocs% → C:\users\{User folder}\Documents\{Same name as game folder} %UserPics% → C:\users\{User folder}\Pictures\Screenshots\{Same name as game folder} %UserRoaming% → C:\Users\{User Folder}\AppData\Roaming\{Same name as game folder} Set the folder name: ScreenshotFolder=Snapshot You cannot use symbols, see some examples: ScreenshotFolder=Snapshot ScreenshotFolder=_Screenshot ScreenshotFolder=Photos ScreenshotFolder=Screenshots If you try to use the "%" sign, this will happen: ScreenshotFolder=%WinDir% → C:\users\{User Folder}\Documents\WinDir How it works: When starting Game.exe it will automatically open RPG_RT.exe which is in the same folder in windowed mode, remove the title bar, maximize (forced) to the current resolution size and apply transparency of "1" to make it invisible . It will then create two GUIs: The background GUI will show the black bars on the sides in case of using FullScreen in Aspect Ratio mode. The other GUI will be the mirror of the game, which used the Gdip.ahk API to mirror the transparent window. The hardest part was making the window that mirrors the game restore after being minimized along with the RPG_RT.exe process. As the tool is linked to the RPG_RT.exe PID, there is no risk of being confused with another game open at the same time. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iuv9m0vhwiglzin/Rm2k-FakeFullScreen.zip/file Password: rpgmaker2k If there is a virus alert please do not try to run it, copy the alert information and show it here. For some reason some anti-viruses have a false-positive alert, but for security reasons it is better to check.
  4. Rm2k Tools - Fix and Updates:


  5. Dev_With_Coffee

    OTHER Rm2k Tools - Windowed Mode

    F4, F5 and F12 Key Blocker External command sender (controlled) More accurate window size checking (320/640/Fullscreen) Youtube: Fix and Updates
  6. Tool Screenshot catpure to Rm2k Games:


    1. Dev_With_Coffee


      •  No Plugins
      • No Patch
      • Only AHK Script
      • Key Screenshot: To Player
      • Event Screenshot: To the developer

      Next step in development:

      • A method that take a screenshot for each save slot
      • Move to "Picture" folder to be used in game with event command
      • Resolution set at startup with all options (Rm2k only): Window 1x; Window 2x; fullscreen
      • Work with games made in Rm2k3 (Steam version)
  7. Dev_With_Coffee

    OTHER Rm2k Tools - Windowed Mode

    Next step in development: A method that take a screenshot for each save slot Move to "Picture" folder to be used in game with event command Resolution set at startup with all options (Rm2k only): Window 1x; Window 2x; Fullscreen Work with games made in Rm2k3 (Steam version) New update coming soon: Key Screenshot: To Player Event Screenshot: To the developer
  8. Dev_With_Coffee

    Zoom out and in during a picture event

    Sorry, I must have misinterpreted your request, I'll try to read it more carefully from now on. If you are using the event command to show the image there is a command right after that that allows you to manipulate the image: "Move Picture" See the scale field: If you want to sync with the map zoom command just uncheck the "Wait for Completion" But in the plugins I know, the scale works like this: 0.25 = 25% 0.5 = 50% 1 = 100% 2 = 200%
  9. Dev_With_Coffee

    Zoom out and in during a picture event

    Try pressing the F6 key to change the aspect ratio
  10. Dev_With_Coffee

    RMMZ - Easy text font switching

    In RMMZ the font is loaded in a different way than RMMV, probably because we have two types of fonts: One for texts like dialogs and terms in menus And another for numbers like HP, MP, time, money, etc First you must copy the font files to your project's fonts folder. To change the font of text before or after a dialog box, execute this code via the Script (Last Page) event command: FontManager._urls["rmmz-mainfont"]=""; FontManager._states["rmmz-mainfont"]=""; FontManager.load("rmmz-mainfont","MyPersonalizedFont.ttf"); Replace MyPersonalizedFont.ttf with the name of the copied font in the folder, enclosed in quotation marks. To restore the font of the texts to the one defined in the database, use the following command without changing anything: FontManager._urls["rmmz-mainfont"]=""; FontManager._states["rmmz-mainfont"]=""; FontManager.load("rmmz-mainfont",$dataSystem.advanced.mainFontFilename); To change the font of the numbers, which are likely to be less used, the command is similar: FontManager._urls["rmmz-numberfont"]=""; FontManager._states["rmmz-numberfont"]=""; FontManager.load("rmmz-numberfont","MyPersonalizedFont.ttf"); To restore the font of the texts to the one defined in the database, use the following command without changing anything: FontManager._urls["rmmz-numberfont"]=""; FontManager._states["rmmz-numberfont"]=""; FontManager.load("rmmz-numberfont",$dataSystem.advanced.numberFontFilename); To understand, the _urls and _states objects serve to memorize the loaded fonts, so it is necessary to delete them to reload the new fonts. If you prefer a simple plugin ready to work follow this link: https://github.com/BossRpg/RMMZ-SimpleFontManager