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Status Updates posted by Dev_With_Coffee

  1. Added functions:
    - F6 key replaced by F3 to toggle full screen mode
    - Screenshot with F2-Key
    - Change or disable Screenshot key on RPG_RT.ini
    - Set output Screenshots on RPG_RT.ini

    1. kyonides


      So you replaced them in order to let it use your modifications, right?

      Or does the old button still work? Sort of...

    2. Dev_With_Coffee


      The developer can use the button he prefers as long as it is on the list, I put F3 for convenience, the others can be used for other functions.

  2. Rm2k Tools - Fix and Updates:


  3. Tool Screenshot catpure to Rm2k Games:


    1. Dev_With_Coffee


      •  No Plugins
      • No Patch
      • Only AHK Script
      • Key Screenshot: To Player
      • Event Screenshot: To the developer

      Next step in development:

      • A method that take a screenshot for each save slot
      • Move to "Picture" folder to be used in game with event command
      • Resolution set at startup with all options (Rm2k only): Window 1x; Window 2x; fullscreen
      • Work with games made in Rm2k3 (Steam version)