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  1. Sorry, I must have misinterpreted your request, I'll try to read it more carefully from now on.


    If you are using the event command to show the image there is a command right after that that allows you to manipulate the image:
    "Move Picture"


    See the scale field:



    If you want to sync with the map zoom command just uncheck the "Wait for Completion"


    But in the plugins I know, the scale works like this:

    0.25 = 25%

    0.5 = 50%

    1 = 100%

    2 = 200%

  2. In RMMZ the font is loaded in a different way than RMMV, probably because we have two types of fonts:

    • One for texts like dialogs and terms in menus
    • And another for numbers like HP, MP, time, money, etc

    First you must copy the font files to your project's fonts folder.

    To change the font of text before or after a dialog box, execute this code via the Script (Last Page) event command:


    Replace MyPersonalizedFont.ttf with the name of the copied font in the folder, enclosed in quotation marks.

    To restore the font of the texts to the one defined in the database, use the following command without changing anything:


    To change the font of the numbers, which are likely to be less used, the command is similar:


    To restore the font of the texts to the one defined in the database, use the following command without changing anything:


    To understand, the _urls and _states objects serve to memorize the loaded fonts, so it is necessary to delete them to reload the new fonts.

    If you prefer a simple plugin ready to work follow this link:


  3. This is a method using a helper program, see working in this video:


    First download the program through this link:


    MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.

    I have tested on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10, still plan to test on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

    If there is a virus alert or any problem, please don't run the program, take a screenshot of the error, delete the program and let me know here.

    Now follows a brief tutorial of the options you can use with this program.
    You should put this program inside your game folder, and instead of starting RPG_RT.exe, you should start Game.exe.

    You can change the program name to the title of your game.

    Through this program the game will run in windowed mode with a resolution of 640x480 and you cannot switch to full screen with F4 or 320x240 with the F5 key.

    To enable any of the keys, customize the settings in RPG_RT.ini.

    Enable Function-Keys:

    Enable F4 Key (Toggle fullscreen/windowed):


    Enable F5 Key (Window size 1x/2x):


    Enable F12 Key (Restart Game/Goto TitleScreen):


    Fullscreen Mode:

    To enable full screen, if you want the player to never switch to windowed mode, just include this in the RPG_RT.ini:



    Dynamic Change Icon:

    The Game.exe will dynamically replace the icon in the window and taskbar without affecting RPG_RT.exe. If you prefer to place a custom icon, just copy your own icon into the game folder and rename it to RPG_RT.ico.

    If you prefer the game to have the default icon, enable in RPG_RT.ini:



    Splash Image:

    To make a splash image appear before starting the game place a PNG format image in the folder and rename it Splash.png. The image doesn't need to be transparent, just include the #000 color in all the points that the executable itself will make transparent.

  4. I'm an old school user, I don't know if that is the right term.

    (My English is bad because it is not my native language.)


    About me:
    I started with Rm2k3, then migrated to Rm2k.
    I created many systems using events only.
    I don't do PixelArt, but I do edit.
    Não sei quase nada de RGSS/2/3.


    I currently do simple Javascript and a little bit of CSS3, I have few systems projects, but currently I try to help other Rpg Maker users who are in doubt.

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