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  1. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    Just used it for a while and dude it's even better than the paid one honestly. Thanks man, I just hope they don’t make it paid after some time lol. Let me use it to my advantage then.
  2. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    Oh, niceee. I tried a third-party one few weeks ago, but it started asking me to pay after some time and paying for a tool is the last thing I have money for.
  3. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    Makes sense, guess I’ll wait for a few more zones before I ascend. Also, once you ascend, what do you do to speed up again? Do you buy a lot of auto clickers? If yes, buying how may of them is worth it?
  4. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    I see, what do you prefer though? Any specific zone or after you’re no longer insta-killing?
  5. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    It's been only 2 months for me and I can relate how addictive this game is, Fine Fine, I might quit it in a few weeks though, I’d rather play a game that at least has an end but seriously can I find an end!
  6. victor11

    To ascend or not to (Clicker heroes)

    Wow, 500 hours, you’re definitely an experienced player. I’ve just started the game like 2 months back (or even less). From your description it looks like nothing much has changed. Things are quite similar even now, you just play for a few levels, get stuck after a point and then just keep ascending over and over again.
  7. So I’ve finally leveled up my Amenhotep hero to 150 and have bought the ascension upgrade as well. I’m at zone 100 currently and was wondering whether I should ascend rn or wait for a bit longer? Also, Ideally, how many hero souls do you aim for in your first ascension? I’ve leveled up my lower level heroes pretty decent to get more hero souls but having a second thought of reaching around zone 130 and level them even more. Ugh!! I’m confused and desperate to ascend at the same time.
  8. Exactly, they don't necessarily need to be the hero like they were in free guy. Side character would be great
  9. victor11

    A clarification about ads (kinda)

    This sounds like a really good idea and I don't think it'll fall into the "no advertising" rule
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