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    Hey folks! just got up on the forum here, but just wanted to say: I hope we can collab and help eachother alot in the future! I already posted a question that I had, and will be glad to have some help if I need anything else, or to provide help if I can ^^ see you soon!
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    Thanks~ Having fun so far working on them, could improve on my methods, and hoping things go well
  3. My concept is that there is several maps that are chained together in a linear path, and at both end, the player would be sent to a "world map" and teleport back to different path's starting points. The ennemies in each "level" have moving sprites that begins fights when they approach and touch the player, therefore all ennemies are an individual event. My idea is that to prevent farming ennemies, I want them to dissapear after being defeated, but instead of respawning as soon as the player leaves the map and comes back, I wanted them to respawn when they use a specific teleport (the one that leads to the world map) so they'd have to leave the "level" for them to all respawn. Is there an easier way to do this than use a hundred of switches and range-toggle them all back?
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