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  1. The title says it all. Is there any way to event or use a plugin to create a skill that has a cool down or one that forces the user to use it again for a few turns on rmmz?
  2. portableclouds

    Light VS Dark - What's Your Theme Preference?

    I like both themes! I have my devices automatically switch to dark mode in the evening hours, so making it responsive to that would be awesome, but even a quick access toggle would be nice!
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    Greetings from WidgetKitty

    hello and welcome!
  4. Hi everyone, in my game I have overworld encounters instead of random, but I'm running into an issue with my respawn system. When an enemy is defeated, it turns on self switch D and begins a step countdown that flips a switch once it's done to trigger defeated enemies to turn off their own self switch. The problem is, this system only works on one map. When the countdown reaches 0, only the enemies on the map I'm currently on would come back, which means my countdown could reach 0 but enemies on other maps would stay dead until a countdown happens to end on their map. I've attached screenshots of all the event pages involved. If anyone knows of a way I could globally turn off all D self switches that would be awesome
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    Howdy :)

    Thank you! ☺️
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    Howdy :)

    Hi, I'm portableclouds! I am 26 and getting back into RPG Maker now that I have free time. I made a Final Fantasy-esque game back in the RMVX days and now I'm working on an Earthbound-style game in RPG Maker MV. See you around!