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  1. Liny_An

    faceset Liny's Faceset Commissions

    New commission! With very long anime hair that I actually had to cut in the final faceset
  2. Liny_An

    faceset Liny's Faceset Commissions

    Oh, that's an interesting question, I never thought of this haha. To be honest, the longest is drawing the base, and I'd say a portrait in itself is worth at least 6 USD, which means one faceset with 8 different characters would be worth 48 USD Which I'd probably round it down to 45 USD for this specific request. Hope that answers your question
  3. Liny_An

    faceset Liny's Faceset Commissions

    Hello everyone and nice to meet you! I am Liny and I am a digital/pixel artist. I've been into indie games for at least a decade now and I thought I'd use my art skills to help people with their own games, which is why I am offering faceset commissions I will draw facesets for your RPG Maker characters! You will receive a faceset that is adapted to the RPG Maker version you are using (MV, VX Ace...), with customized facial expressions. Prices: 10 USD per faceset (1 faceset = 8 expresssions) + 2 USD for mouth variations (same faceset with different mouths to simulate talking) Things you should know: I won't draw anything NSFW/suggestive An image reference for your character is not necessary, but very appreciated Please make sure to credit me somewhere in your game (credits, text file...) Commercial use is allowed (if you decide to sell your game)! You can contact me through Instagram DMs (@Liny_An) or by email (liny.an.drawing(at)gmail.com). Here are some examples of facesets I've done already: Hope you like it and hope it's okay for me to offer commissions in here! Have a wonderful day
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