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  1. Hey guys! I want the attack animation to play immediately after having pressed "attack". For some reason this doesn't happen even though it's the players turn. There is an annoying delay that occurs in-between that I want gone but am not sure how...Anyone that can help me with this?
  2. Didn't even know that was a thing. Thanks for the response but Its not really what I had in mind. I want it to happen through a plugin command or script. It should be automated since I want it to happen during an event. Can't really expect people playing my game to keep pressing F6 every time I show a picture. I can as I've mentioned above scale my pictures to match the 720p resolution I'm running my game on but since my images are made on a higher res they don't fit properly when applied through the "show picture" event. I was wondering if its possible to zoom out so that the players can see the whole picture without me having to scale the pic down to match my game res. I've also seen some use the normal 816x614 res but with art that is crispy clear. Now how do they do that? How do you retain your arts resolution at that size? Vector graphics aren't at thing in mv is it, tried looking but to no avail. P.S Tried F6, nothing happens.
  3. Hey guys, As the title states I would like to know if it's possible to zoom out or in while showing a picture. I can zoom in and out on the map but the picture stays the same no matter what. I know I can scale the picture beforehand but I don't want to lose any quality so I was wondering if it was possible to just zoom out to show the full image during the event. Any plugins or scripts that lets you do that? Anything that helps would be appreciated :D.
  4. Hey guys, As the title says. For some reason the enemies I've added to my map won't spawn because I've set all my tiles to have a region id of 1. I have tried giving each enemy the same region id in map properties but even with that they won't spawn. I'm using the YEP region events plugin to add step sounds when walking/running and I'm quite sure this is issue here but I'm not sure how to add step sound effects without the plugin so I'm trying to fix the random encounter instead. Any ideas?
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