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  1. Solution pattern offered by @Milennin packaged into a loop form packaged into a common event.
  2. Is it possible to use a variable for the "Wait" command in events?
  3. Sepheyer

    Removing Actor's Weapon

    It turns out, such behavior is not a bug, but intentional. The first slot is always weapon, in case of dual wield, first two slots are always weapon.
  4. Would anyone know if actor's weapon (exactly as it appears in the Initial Equipment selection screen) can be removed altogether and replaced with, for example, glasses? Currently it seems that the first slot in the Initial Equipment section is hardcoded and can be only occupied by a Weapon. This is probably a bug with the RPG Maker. This appears in both RPGM MZ and MV. Here is what I am referring to: The equipment type that an actor starts with is supposedly declared in the databses's Types/Equipment Type section. This is the actor's initial equipment, it contains Type Weapon in the first slot. This is declared in the database: But if we replace "Weapon" with say "Glasses" and then make a Spectacles Armor to be of Type "Glasses", we cannot make Spectacles of Type "Glasses"! The first slot of he Equipment Types can't be used for customization - the "Glasses" Type doesn't even appear in the selection menu. And furthermore, the very first slot of Initial Equipment can only be Weapon.
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