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  1. Theo, I've been using your script to create my very own Rpgmaker Vx Ace video game (and upon completion I've been planning to credit you and send you a copy)!  My question is: Can you disable specific actor idles during animation effects? I've tried writing my own scripts, however during battle the game runs the Idle animations in a loop for every character I designed (I've sized up the window size for the battlers) and the idle animation keeps playing the loop no matter what attack animation is playing. 


    I have designed the characters themselves AS animations. My problem is, when a character casts a Skill--  The Idle still plays, but I want it to temporarily disappear during each specified skill animation for each character. Is there any way to do this?

    1. TheoAllen


      I don't visit this site very often, if we are going to talk, hit me up on Discord. My username is Theo#3034

      We can discuss your problem there deeper.

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