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  1. Hi, I am a pixel artist and i really want to experiment with isometric pixel styled maps (my idea of isometric would be like habbo hotel?? ot like the witchbrook leaks). I have zero coding knowledge so its been very difficult to find something for me to use. i'm up for any weird plugin gimmicks that can use photo maps to pretend its isometric. i remember years ago some good XP scripts but nearly all XP stuff is buried or gone and cant find it. I'm up for any solutions that are simple and allows me to properly preserve the pixelness of my art (no stretching). I came across some ancient RPg maker by hitpoint? called 3d rpg editor\network rpg maker 200. i was unable to get a copy of it anywhere (if anyone has it, please share) i did managed to find one from some Brazilian forum but its giving me an activeX error? i just want to mess with it (honestly it would be great if someone could mod that to work) can anyone please help? any isometric solutions? any other game maker?
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