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  1. mitchi.exe

    The Breeze [Now has a full team together!]

    I'm interested.
  2. If I were to create an RM game, I want it to be like this. I love what I'm seeing so far. Your mapping style is phenomenal. I'm a fan.
  3. mitchi.exe

    Multiple Inventories

    It is possible also to control (or switch to) multiple actors in a map with different inventories?
  4. mitchi.exe

    DMO - Random Name Script

    For the literals, can we add like 'Qu' or 'Kn' for the special combination? Or is it just limited to one character?
  5. mitchi.exe

    VE - Visual Equip

    I smell another victory from Victor! Good job, man. Now let us test!
  6. mitchi.exe

    Action battle system?

    None that I know of, but I'm sure there are scripters out there who are already making ABS scripts, like Vlad. I also heard that moghunter was planning to convert XAS into RGSS3. So, just wait, battle systems like ABS will come eventually..
  7. mitchi.exe

    Gender Functions

    I can even make a bisexual gender using this script! Anyways... I can see its usefulness for recruiting party members... like in Suikoden, where a Star of Destiny can only be recruited when all your party members are female. ;3
  8. mitchi.exe

    Event Condition: X Tiles away

    You can also use the distance formula. I just woke up, so give me some time to edit my post later unless someone beats be to it.
  9. mitchi.exe

    Battle Pop-Ups

    @rose Do you really need to post that? Just add it; no need to spam. @Jet Add font customization! Changing the pop-up font would add a sweet touch. ;3
  10. mitchi.exe

    VE - Rotational Turning

    This is a really neat movement script, Victor. Can we adjust the rotation speed?
  11. mitchi.exe


    Can we also change the fog's z value? If yes, then that would be perfect! This is useful when I want the fog to be over the Parallax BG layer and under the map tiles. ;3
  12. will search for resources 'abroad'

  13. mitchi.exe

    Hugs for everyone

    You've done a great contribution to the XP\VX community, and we're very pleased to see you again, Zeriab! *Hugs.*
  14. mitchi.exe

    Blue Magic

    During a battle, how would the player know if the actor learned the skill? Is there some kind of message or sound effect when the 'learn skill' is triggered in battle?
  15. Yep. I tried the first method and didn't get the error. ;3
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