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    Or statements for quest

    I've been working on a class quest. Where the actor does an action and gains a item to give them a new class. got it all to work for the most part. Except I want the player to have the ability to come back and get the item again if they choose to. But I don't want them them to have more of that item a time. So I was working with conditional branching and using a custom script, making a check at the current class of the player . This is what I got so far, as I only want the option for the dialogue if the actor is one of these three classes. $game_actors[1].class_08 || $game_actors[1].class_10 || $game_actors[1].class_12 But it keeps returning an "undefined method error." I've done a couple different options trying to see where the error lies. Any help would be great.
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