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  1. Uh. That worked, thanks. At least I can keep working on this. Thank you.
  2. Maybe I can share it to you trough google drive...? like, this way I'm not breacking any rule am I?, I can't think on any othe way to do this...
  3. Nice tips but, the error stills there even using this. However thanks for this, it may be useful to any other moment I use scripts
  4. That was almost right... Like, I managed to make the backup and yes everything worked just fine... So I tried checking out each custom script I had. I wrote ALL OF THEM like a comentary paragraph (with =begin and =end) and just leaved one exactly as it was written. And the texts choices dissapeared again. Even when I only used one that has nothing to do with texts nor even choices (Hime Splash Screen Map) and yet the choices are dissapearing. I've just though that it might be because I'm using too many custom scripts, but how can that be possible if only one is active and everything was just fine when none of them were active?
  5. I mean about this options... choices... this window choices For some reason the texts do not appear... Even when they are supposed to have this written: And is like this on all choices... I even tried checking out the colors of the texts even when I don't use them... But everithing looks the same for some reason...
  6. Good morning/night/evening. Hello everyone. I've been having a little problem about the options texts, like, the normal texts appears but not the ones on the options window. I already tried checking out the custom scripts but I don't have any script that chances anything about the options not even texts. Maybe I accidentally changed something on the default scripts but dunno how to fix it nor even wich script may be... I already tried searching trough the web to see what script creates these windows; but I only found scripts that overwrites the options, creates effects and stuff like that... so like... I'm very confused...
  7. Natsuki-9

    Items pictures inside a window

    Another guy told me that I gotta "link" the window I made the same way the items window is linked to the description window. I don't have so much experience with ruby (And I'm not able to understand how this windows are linked)... so... does this give an idea about it?
  8. Natsuki-9

    Items pictures inside a window

    Alright let me see ... I changed mostly the Scene_Item, so I could change the position and form of the windows, the rest is still exactly the same. It doesn't matter how many times I try to "erase" some parts of it (I just make it a commentary), I simply can't find a way to make the window appear where I want to... (Sorry to ask, but I'm mostly showing what I edited, is that piece of code enough or do I have to show the hole code?)
  9. Natsuki-9

    Items pictures inside a window

    Hello, I'm learning coding and I need help with an script. I'm using Crazyninjaguy script for this (because Yanfly script seems a little too complicated for me). Until now I managed to make it look as I want to, but I have a problem with a new window I created; it doesn't shows the items picture, and I don't understand why... (This image is an example, I made it with Etude 87 Menu editor) Like in the image, I want the Gold window to have the Items descriptions and the locate window to have the Items picture. But dunno how to do it... I just managed to make the windows look like I want to, but I don't know why the items pictures do not appear where I want them to (actually they do not appear at all...) I already created the Items picture window but I can't guess what to do next. Someone knows how to fix it? How to do it? I need help with scripting...
  10. Hi, I'm a newbie on the page and on game development. I'm currently working on a project that I hope to have it done soon (not that soon but... as soon as possible is fine). I love games and pixel art. I'm more used to RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker VX Ace, however I'm still learning about coding stuff so maybe my first questions will be about 'how to do this with scripts' and stuff. Anyway, I hope I'm able to support and be supported whenever it can be. I'd love to help people improve their skills at any part of game development as much as I can (and also to improve my own skills too). I'm still improving english, but I think you got the idea .
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