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  1. Okay I managed to do it.. so i'll try to explain First i created a State named Sentence that is 100% applied by the skill Coup de Grace than... I created a comon event for each # enemy named Paralize Paralize 1 switches Paraliz1 = ON if enemy #1 is afected with paralize Paralize 2 switches Paraliz2 = ON if enemy #2 is afected with paralize and so on.... after that I created one comon event for each Paralize event and named them as CdGrace1, 2, 3 and so on CdeGrace1 is like this • if paraliz1 is ON • if enemy#1 is affected by Sentence • Change enemy state: #1, + Dead • end so if paraliz1 is on cuz enemy#1 is affected by paralize spell Coupe de Grace will apply Sentence, and if #1 is affected by Sentence, he will die for the rest of the troop CdeGrace2 is like this • if paraliz2 is ON • if enemy#2 is affected by Sentence • Change enemy state: #2, + Dead • end and so on.... The Spell Paralize must call all Paraliz comon events, for me the amount is 4, cuz the max troop size for my game will be 4 so Paralize wlll call comon event Paraliz1, Paraliz2, Paraliz3 and Paraliz4 The skill Coup de Grace will call all 4 CdGrace comon events and apply Sentence with 100% rate So every enemy affected by paralize that is Hit by Coup de Grace, will die Hope it helps someone
  2. Hi, new guy here... i'm trying to do an enemy dies from a skill if he is affected with paralize state is therre anyway to do it without plugins? explained example: If I use coup de grace on a enemy affected with paralize, the chance of death is 100%
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