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  1. Hi, new guy here... i'm trying to do an enemy dies from a skill if he is affected with paralize state is therre anyway to do it without plugins? explained example: If I use coup de grace on a enemy affected with paralize, the chance of death is 100%
  2. Okay I managed to do it.. so i'll try to explain First i created a State named Sentence that is 100% applied by the skill Coup de Grace than... I created a comon event for each # enemy named Paralize Paralize 1 switches Paraliz1 = ON if enemy #1 is afected with paralize Paralize 2 switches Paraliz2 = ON if enemy #2 is afected with paralize and so on.... after that I created one comon event for each Paralize event and named them as CdGrace1, 2, 3 and so on CdeGrace1 is like this • if paraliz1 is ON • if enemy#1 is affected by Sentence • Change enemy state: #1, + Dead • end so if paraliz1 is on cuz enemy#1 is affected by paralize spell Coupe de Grace will apply Sentence, and if #1 is affected by Sentence, he will die for the rest of the troop CdeGrace2 is like this • if paraliz2 is ON • if enemy#2 is affected by Sentence • Change enemy state: #2, + Dead • end and so on.... The Spell Paralize must call all Paraliz comon events, for me the amount is 4, cuz the max troop size for my game will be 4 so Paralize wlll call comon event Paraliz1, Paraliz2, Paraliz3 and Paraliz4 The skill Coup de Grace will call all 4 CdGrace comon events and apply Sentence with 100% rate So every enemy affected by paralize that is Hit by Coup de Grace, will die Hope it helps someone
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