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  1. Hey guys, as some of you may know I've been working pretty darn hard on creating a Unity asset that recreates the RPG Maker workflow in Unity. Last week, Gotcha Gotcha Games announced they would be releasing RPG Maker Unite... and RPG Maker for Unity... later this year. This was kind of a blow for my project, and it was disheartening after spending a year trying to generate interest in the project, only to see everyone get really excited over Unite... but on the other hand, it confirmed my suspicions this is something people wanted, AND Gotcha Gotcha Games have given me the perfect hashtag to help market my project. Silver linings and all that. Rather than give up and let my work go to waste, I've decided to still complete my project. The difference now however is, instead of requiring a Patron subscription, I think I'm just going to release it for free as a middle finger to Gotcha Gotcha Games. Also, to try and help get UR-RPG out the door ASAP and in attempt to steal some of that Unite thunder, I'm looking for one or maybe two Unity-familiar devs. Currently, I'd say the project is about 70-80% complete. All the core tools are now done, including the database, map editor and visual script editor. For the last couple of weeks, I've been working on a code base to handle runtime, which takes all the info from these tools and creates a buildable Unity game, without the user having to do any code. Cleaning up the code and finishing the runtime side of things is where the remaining work is, however with that said I've already done a lot of work on this too. I already have an audio manager, scene manager, map manager, collision detection, sprite layering, player controller, NPC controller, input manger and more already done. The basic system is in place, only requiring it to be flushed out and made more feature complete. The majority of the work left is just code clean up and on the Event system. This system will iterate through each node in a created Visual Script, and then action each node at runtime. (Show message, shake screen) etc. YOU DON'T NEED TO BE A MASTER DEVELOPER. *Most* of the harder coding is already done. Anyway, for more info DM me. If you know anyone who works with Unity that may be interested, please let them know. Thanks as always guys.
  2. In preparation for next weeks Runtime demo, I created a rough edit for an into. Check it out here:
  3. Sorry mate, think I misunderstood you on this. The first RPG Maker I used was XP and never used 2003... but I do remember the square... Just couldn't remember what it did. I've done a bit of research and I think you mean ceiling tiles? Currently, I haven't got anything in place for ceiling tiles. I might be able to add them though... I'd just need to see a video or something of them in action to figure out how they work.
  4. ElCodes

    Feedback on Game Blurb

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to take another stab at it when I get the time. Also, I see 'exactly like the beginning of a Final Fantasy story.' as the highest of compliments. lol
  5. RUNTIME UPDATE: No screenshots to share this week, because honestly... there's isn't a real lot to show off. Everything I have done this week has been behind the scene stuff, which doesn't make for very interesting presentation material... Because I'm now working on the Runtime code, I'm having to be a lot more careful with how I write my code. I want this code to be as Scripter Friendly as possible and offer as much customability as I can but still keep control over how the game logic is handled. I'll go into more detail on that in a bit, but right now my point is it's taking slightly longer to write this code, because I'm having to put a lot of consideration into, 'Could someone else easily use this?'. On top of that, as already mentioned, a lot of this stuff is background grunt work that's honestly... kinda boring. I've rewritten this paragraph 3 times now, and I keep failing at making it sound interesting. So here's just a list of stuff I did since last update: Today I finished how UR-RPG handles logic flow, planning out a system that someone could easily later plug their own functionality in to. It will also remember the last active scene, so say you want to place something over the Map Scene, you just stack them up and when closed, whatever is underneath becomes active again. I've created a custom animation system, which if a scripter wants to use to play their own animation, all they have to do is set it's frames and say if it's looped or not. I've created an Input Manager, that can be fully customized. The Input Manager monitors input, and will fire off different events depending on if a button was tapped or held, meaning scripters just have to subscribe to the button inputs they are interested in (i.e. just up and down, confirm and cancel). It will also soon detect double taps and Street-Fighter motions... just for funzies. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I could easily add a double tap and I would like to tackle the Street Fighter inputs... I've created the audio manager to handle all audio. Nothing fancy here, give it a path to an audio file and it'll play it. A simple Transition System. For scripters, you get a reference to the Transition GameObject, and then say what transition you want. I.E. transition.FadeFromBlack(). Scripters can also add their own transitions. A Character Controller. This one was a lot fun. Character Controllers will be used by Events to give the Event a sprite. They can be as simple as a single animation on loop, or a chest with it's open animation. If it's an NPC you pick a character and it automatically creates the walk animations. There's a lot more work to be done here, but right now it has the functionality to store 1-4 animations, turn in 4 directions and move in 4 directions. It can also take a array of numbers so 2,3,0,0,1. Each number corresponds to a direction 0 = down, 1 = left and so on. Obviously this is more for when you want to program a movement pattern for an NPC, but I do plan on also adding A* path finding and random roaming. For now, and I know it's stupid and not really impressive, but I got such a kick out of just having 2 NPCs on the screen doing my bidding and repeating the same steps again and again! A Player Controller. This one wasn't fun. I took the Character Controller, added a bool (true/false value) to state if it's playable, and said if it is playable, well then when you get this input, do this function. Not very exciting, but hey, easy PlayerController. Also, this isn't a new feature, but I have spent a considerable amount of time this week fixing a bug where the map loads blank tiles when coming out of play mode... meaning the user had to restart the Map Editor to be able to use it again. On top of that... Because the map is blank, and the map editor saves the current map on close... so it always overrides whatever the first map is into all blank tiles... but whatever.. it's fixed now. I don't know if this is good progress or not, but it sure felt like a lot of darn work... I just have nothing to show for it! lol! Hopefully though can see the thought and future planning I'm putting into this side of the project... so bare with me on the updates for a while. Tomorrow I'm starting the MapManager. This will handle what map should currently be displayed while also handling collision detection and anything like that. A lot of this code I already have in the Editor side of things, I just need to add a few extra functions... so I'm hoping this will only take a day. Then at the weekend, I want to create the Camera Controller. Once I have these two final pieces in place, UR-RPG will be able to boot into a Boot Scene, which will take you to a Title Screen, then to a Map Scene. I'll be able to load up a map, and walk around with proper layering and collision! At this point I'll film a video so you guys can actually see all this in action. It's kinda funny to think I've spent months working on this. Nearly half a year... I've wrote over 25k lines of code so far and I'm getting excited because I'm about to release a demo where... ALL YOU DO IS BLOODY WALK AROUND! lol. But hey, we're getting there slowly... ROADMAP OK, just in case I don't get a chance to post for a while because I'm eyeball deep in the IDE, once I've done the little demo, I'm then going to start coding out the individual scenes. UR-RPG uses a State Machine to control logic flow, so people can create thire own scenes and add that functionality to game. But all the standard scenes will also be exposed scripts that you can customize. The Window scene, the Battle Scene, The Menu Scene and so on. Keeping in mind, I want make this code easy for others to come in and further customize themselves. For this reason, it may take a few weeks to create all the helper functions I'm going to need create that will make scripting a scene easier. Such as displaying and layering images and text, adding selection lists and things like that. Using these helper functions, I'll create the Scene scripts and start putting together the default menu, shops and battle systems. By the end of the month, I want to be looking at starting to wire up the Visual Event Editor system. I'll start with the first option which is simply ShowMessage. Once that's working it'll be a matter just coding what to do at runtime for all the other nodes in the Event Editor. (Think of the options you have in RPG Maker when creating an event. I have to code every single one of those options...) Still, if I can get to the end of this month with just the Show Message event working, all the others will be super easy to add once the functionality is there.. and once all that has been wired up... I'll be thinking about the Beta release Finally, I'm going to be creating a Discord server soon, and focusing most of my updates there. I'll post an invite link here once I get round to it.
  6. Your timing is actually impeccable. That is exactly what I'm starting work on tomorrow. The way UR-RPG works (Or will work very soon) is the cross is unpassable, the circle is pass over and star is pass under. I'm not sure if that's actually how RPG Maker does it... I've been using MV as my reference and I thought that's what the Star did... If I'm wrong on that, please let me know. I might need to have another play around with it to remind myself how it works.
  7. ElCodes

    Feedback on Game Blurb

    Yeah I get your point And you're right. Keeping it simple is always better imo. Just don't want to over simplify. It's not really supposed to be a final anything right now though. I just wrote something out when I needed some flavor text for my website... when I get the time I'll take another stab at it.
  8. Just wanted to share a demo of the finished animated autotiles. Just like RPG Maker, all you have to do is drop the sprite sheets into the right folder. UR-RPG will then do all the work to turn the sprite sheets into usable Unity RuleTiles. Setting these up by hand would take around 15 or even 30 minutes per tile, but UR-RPG can create over 200 within a second. Setting up your tilesets is the exact same workflow as RPG Maker. Just create the tileset and set each tiles data in the database. I've created a quick 1 min video example of animated autotiles working, but it's too large for this forum, so I posted it to Twitter. (Also please let me know if it's blurry. It's HD when I upload it... I don't whats going on with that).
  9. OK, so I'm at the point where I want to write a blurb for my game's story, but also not give anything away. Obviously it needs to hook people, but the problem is while the game starts off pretty cookie cutter, it soon escalates and I can't talk about any of it without spoiling. This leaves me with the only option being to try and sell the game on the back story... but I don't think the back story sounds all that interesting. I could hint at what will happen, but give the wrong hint and people may start guessing the plot. This is just a draft. It's rough AF and basically me word scribbling out the basic back story. It covers right up to a moment in the game where you finish the tutorials and the 3 main characters all meet for the first time. Right now, all I need to know is; Does this, on it's own, sound interesting to you? Would you like to hear more on how the story would develop? What are your guesses for what will happen in the game, based on this blurb? I think a very good way of describing shorthand would be 'Final Fantasy + Game of Thrones = Of Gods and Illusions'...
  10. Been a while since I posted an update but I've not been slacking, trust me. The Database is now fully functional! All tabs have been completed, including Animation. I then started a new Map Editor... and then rewrote the code... twice. However, with the exception of the Add Event window, the Map Editor is now complete. If anyone wants to see actual video of what I have so far in action, let me know. This means, next week I'll be starting the runtime engine. This is the part that takes all the data made with the UR-RPG tools and actually builds a playable game from it when you hit the 'Play' button in Unity. I'll be starting with the basic Scene manager and creating some basic scenes. Mainly the Map scene as I will also be making the Map Manager and Player Controller. From there it will simply be a matter of creating all the different scenes (Map, Window, Menu, Shop, Title, Game Over etc) and creating the Event system. The Event system is pretty straight forward stuff....buuutttt... probably going to take the most time to implement. Now I really don't want to jinx things since development has gone so well so far, but, if things do continue to progress at this pace I could have this out within a couple of months. (Originally I thought it would take a year). So much so I've actually begun thinking about release. Once I have everything functioning, I'm going to release a Beta version to Patron. This version is probably going to be buggy, but it'll be considered a pre-release release. Hopefully I will be able to get some user feedback and real world application feedback which I could perhaps work in while I clean up the code for an actual release. I'm also just looking for testers in general so if you want to have an early go with Ultimate Retro RPG, send me a DM and we can talk
  11. Lol, that was a joke mate
  12. ElCodes

    Puzzle Ideas?

    Spining floor puzzles (Like Rocket HQ in Pokemon Red) Data collection (Think how picking up a memo in Resident Evil might have a safe code in it); Item collection (To unlock door to dungeon you need the Phoenix Mirror and Dragon Mirror for example); Maze puzzle (Using layering and tricks to conceal pathways. Riddles are under rated... That's what I can think of just off the top of my head. Depending on the coding experience you also have things like picture sorting puzzles.
  13. Hey guys, first time mapping... How's my England? ....Be honest.
  14. Thanks Natsuki Follow the main thread for the main updates. And thanks Roninator, I was thinking 500 x 500 would be a reasonable cap. But this thread has actually become moot. I gutted the code today. I won't get too technical, but if anyone else is looking to create a custom tile editor, just use Unity's in built Tilemap system. Now I'm making maps as large as 2000 x 2000 and PC isn't even breaking a sweat. Loading is still very much a chore, especially when every tile is used on every layer but anything below 250 x 250 is pretty much instantaneous and 500 x 500 taking about 30 seconds or so. If you can tolerate the 15 min load for a 2000 x 2000 map, once it is loaded, you can easily edit with no lag at all. Basically, any limitation now is down to user hardware, and Unity. One of the things I'm 100% adding when I get to coding the Runtime side of things is a 2D version of ambient occlusion, which is when it only renders the tiles the camera can see. That way I'll never need more tiles than what I can fit within the screen, so the load times will always be tiny regardless of map size. I might actually achieve my goal of maps large enough to create open word games. Screenshot from when I was stress testing a 1000 x 1000 map.
  15. Thanks for the reply Natsuki. I'm not actually making a game, but a tool for making an RPG in Unity.... Essentially, RPG Maker for Unity. I've posted about the project here. Haven't updated the thread recently, but I have essentially completed the database part of the project and I'm now working on the Map Editor. I've continued testing since I made the OP and I can support up to 150 x 150, but things will get laggy. Don't know how much you know about Unity, but it uses a thing called a GameObject. Currently, every tile is it's own GameObject, so with a 150 x 150 map, that's 22, 500 GameObjects. Then on top of that, there are 4 layers, so that's 90,000 GameObjects... annnddd this is why Unity is getting laggy. The solution I have come up with, is to remove the 4 layers, and just have a single layer of GameObjects, with 4 separate sprites per GameObject, and just set their order using Unity's Sorting Layer on the SpriteRenderers. I don't feel like 150 x 150 is large enough but if I move things to a single layer, this is going to cause it's own set of problems and requires A LOT of re-writing. Still, if it requires re-writing, better do it now than later... so need to know what kind of map sizes they'd be happy with. I've attached a screenshot of the WIP on the Map Editor.
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