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  1. Hey guys, firstly, happy Thanksgiving to any American fwens out there. As a Bri'ish chap, it's just a normal weekend for me and I'm spending it working on my Unity project. I'm making the window for generating EXP curves for classes, and need some help understanding the maths behind how it works. Obviously, the base value and added value are added together to create the required EXP from level 0 - 1, but anyone know the maths to how the Acceleration A and B values work out the rest of the values?
  2. I moved over from RPG Maker to Unity a few years back, but, I've always missed the simplicity of RPG Maker and always wanted an all-in-one system that would turn Unity into something like RPG Maker. There are plenty of RPG makers for Unity, for sure, but none that would handle everything. I decided to use my time in lockdown productivity and worked on a prototype for a game idea I have. I wanted to make some custom Unity windows to help speed things up. I created a side project and experimented. Before long, I had a working database. I also needed a map editor, so I created that next and after I had those two tools, I realized I basically had the RPG Maker-like system I always wanted. I just needed something to handle Events. So... I created my own visual scripting tool. However, since going back to work I've had very little time to work on the project. Details and Features: Still a lot of work needs to be done. I need to finish off the 3 core tools then need to code the runtime engine so it actually uses the data to create a game. I'm thinking of getting a basic runtime engine up and running so I can do a complete start-to-finish demo, or I may just finish off the tools and demo them one by one as development continues. To help speed up development I've created a Kickstarter to help fund a year of full-time development, which should be all I need. However so far it's not gone very well and I'm not hopeful that it's going to get successfully funded so currently working on a Plan B roadmap. If anyone could help spread worth of mouth by posting about the project on any other forums, social media or Discords they're on that would be a mahoosive help. Personally, I'm kind of out of the loop with the RPG Maker community and so far have only posted here. I tried to join some Facebook groups and got in trouble for self promotion... I've tried spending money on advertising, but that hasn't reaped the attention I wanted. I've had 250,000 people look at my website with no one going through to the Kickstarter page... The marketing plan I had has kind of failed so I need to target people that would specifically be interested in this project. Regardless of whether or not I can get the Kickstarter funded, I do plan to continue development but it's just going to take much... much longer as I work it around my full time job. If I can gain enough interest, I will start a Discord server and will be adding a developer blog to the website at some point. If anyone has any questions on UR-RPG or the project in general feel free to DM me here, or on Twitter. Also, for more info check out my website: https://primepixelgames.com/ultimate-retro-rpg/
  3. Quick Update So, I booked the week off work to get some bits done....all of which I abandoned so I could spend the last 3 days working on UR-RPG. On Monday, only the Actor tab of the database was complete. Now all I have left to design are the Troop, Tileset and Animation tabs! I've also updated it to make sure it works with the latest Unity release. This morning, I started work on the Troop tab with only a slight idea of how I was going to get it working, but not actually knowing if it was going to be possible to do in a custom Unity Editor Window.... 9 hours later, it was basically fully functional! All that remains is adding the Visual Script Editor, which I already have the code for, just need to refactor a bit so I can nest it into other windows... but it's 11pm, I've been up since 9am working on this. I need some down time. Here's the work so far. It's a little rough around the edges and needs optimization, but the priority was 'just get it to work'. It also played up a little because my computer is arse, and I had Adobe Audition, OBS, Unity, Visual Studio, RPG Maker MV and about 50+ Brave tabs open..... but here it is TroopTabDemo.mp4
  4. Hey guys, I'm elCodes and I'm hoping I'm not going to get banned for this, but I'm not actively working on an RPG Maker project... Though I've used RPG Maker since XP up to MV, I switched to Unity years ago. This isn't an advertisement (because I don't want to break any rules), but I am working on a Unity asset that will be an all-in-one RPG creation suite. Think RPG Maker for Unity. I'm here for 2 reasons. To find an artist. To get back into the community and just chat with people to find out what potential features they would like to see. So yeah, hopefully I won't get banned for this and look forward to chatting to you all.
  5. Hey guys, As stated in my intro post, I'm working on a Unity asset which essentially is RPG Maker in Unity. As I've been developing, I've been using the standard assets I got from MV but now I'm at a point where I want to start promoting it... and for legal reasons I obviously can't use the official RPG Maker assets in any of my promo images. I don't want to just steal some random assets off the web either because I want the artists consent. So I'm looking for 3 assets: A facepic and matching character sprite sheet for a screenshot of the database. A tile set for a screenshot of the map editor. If anyone can help out with this I'd appreciate if greatly, and add full credits and any link backs on the official website. Ta. EDIT: Forgot to mention, assets need to be MV compatible! EDIT2: Alternatively, if anyone knows of any websites with free assets I could use where I can get in touch with the artist that would also be helpful. I tried it and ended up in pop-up hell.....
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