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  1. Hi everyone. I am currently trying to work on a RPG Maker MV game inspired by the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei style of games. I am still at the very beginning of getting artwork, maps, and the basic ideas of the story down. What inspired me the most about the Persona franchise is their clean looking UI, something which tends to make games look unique among others. I would like to commission someone to help implement my UI designs into an MV game. I have made what I believe to be a pretty clean and not too complex looking UI concepts (character renders are placeholders) that I'm satisfied with, the one issue is that I have no coding experience myself to work it into the game. This would only be for the basic menu and dialogue screen UI for now, with no work on battle UI. It will also include coding a plugin to have character bust-ups appear on the left side of the dialogue box, as shown in one of the screenshots below. This is strictly to just code them in, whether it be via a custom plugin, Luna Engine, etc. All the UI art will be handled by myself and provided to whoever is willing to take this job. I apologize if my request is lacking any necessary details. I can provide any answers or other mock-ups for those interested in taking this job, but would like to see the rest of what they'd have to work with.
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    Hello! I am new to RPG Maker and the community as a whole. I'm primarily attempting to make games in RPG Maker MV or MZ. I enjoy making basic game UI's and have absolutely no coding knowledge. I hope to release a nice game someday.
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