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  1. ChimkinTheGamer

    Delete save file from in game

    I wanted to avoid scripts, as I want to do most everything on my own.
  2. I want to make an anti cheat thing in my game where if you are in game outside of your home without your dog you get a message and your save file is wiped. Anyone know if this is possible without scripting? If not I'll just set them at your home at lvl 1 with nothing. No money, no armor, no weapon.
  3. ChimkinTheGamer

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    I'm thinking of making it themed for medieval times. I'm not sure how "unique" it is but it's what I can muster up. Also I've never seen someone make a character customization screen where you get to customize everything about your character. Only seen name customization and gender customization. I plan to make it 100% customizable. And I won't do textures unless I have to.
  4. ChimkinTheGamer

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    Not to put to fine a point on it, but I'm doing all the textures, battle animations, everything textures on my own. I want it to be a challenge providing a free way to pass the time.
  5. ChimkinTheGamer

    Moonharvester - Feedback needed

    "Journey to the lake of forbidden light, and under the light of the full moon, power will come to you." Journey to the Lake of Dreams from your hometown in the region under rule of the great King Havestus. However, things go awry when the king learns you are going on this quest. He wants the power for himself. Estimated playtime: ~2 hours with postgame content. I will make this myself, it's gonna be a non-profit game. As my first "public" game I need feedback. If this is a good idea let me know, if it's not a good idea explain why.
  6. ChimkinTheGamer


    Just realized I never made a hello post! Figured I would say hi! I'm not "new" to rpg maker. I've been using it for around a year now, however this is the first place I looked for online advice. I hope to get lots of help as well as give some.
  7. ChimkinTheGamer

    XP not opening

    Never mind, it worked! Thanks a ton.
  8. ChimkinTheGamer

    XP not opening

    I'm very new and confused here so if something is out of place just let me know. But I'm having problems with XP. I have it downloaded, and it won't open because of a resolution error? It's really sad because I want to make my own non-profit pokemon fangame. It says "Cannot run with less then 1024x768 resolution." Not sure what that means but adjusting my screen res doesn't change anything. Any info is appreciated.
  9. ChimkinTheGamer

    Help with things

    Also no idea where I was supposed to throw this so if it's in a bad spot I'm sorry
  10. ChimkinTheGamer

    Help with things

    1. How do I turn my project into an exe. I've searched the dark parts of the internet (Page 2 on google) and not found help. 2. I found out I can sell my creations, but do I have to credit rpg maker in my game to distribute it legally? 3. Is it possible to make a monster join your team through use of item? I want to make a Dragon taming game where you battle dragons, and even hatch your own, building up your team for the final fight. Keyword here is hatch. I want it so you can use an item to get a dragon.
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