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  1. Hello, so I have been using GALV_MapProjectiles to create an RPG game with a gun combat system similar to Eternity Dial or Desolate Hospital. While I have the firing system in place, I've had problems with using an aim function. Originally, I used button common events to change the character’s actor to one of them aiming while locking the character in place; however, this posed some problems however. Firstly, I set a conditional branch that the character must be facing a certain way to play a certain graphic, have the weapon equipped, have the right ammo, and be holding down a button. This either had the character in an endless loop where they were aiming or did not change the actor to the aiming sprite. Secondly, enemies could not damage the player while this event was playing. Does anyone know of any solutions or plugins so the character aims when a button is held down and fires during the aiming animation while still being able to take damage?
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