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  1. Hey there! First of all my name is Luis! (You can call me Lucky, which is my nickname). I am here for recruitment of someone who is somewhat knowledgeable in rpg maker MV. More exactly someone who is good with code, events or both. Exactly what I am looking for is to make a system like mario party, more specifically the board itself. I already have some systems made like common event for dices and rolling order on the table but I still can't make a board to properly work. What I want is a system that then we can tweak depending on the board and then we can add the minigames in between (which are battles that I am already working on). I also don't expect anything fancy or good looking for now just something that functions properly. Great! So what's the plan? Right now the plan is the following: -Make a prototype of 1 board for some play testers that already agreed on helping. -After that, we will make a more complete demo of the game. -If everything goes well we can continue working on a complete version. I also plan on paying you for the job too. I will first commission you for helping with the prototype and then if everything goes well and the game continues development, we can go to a more stable payment. This is because if I hire you that means this project is already taking off and I don't wanna give you high hopes if I see this project doesn't go anywhere. For now I will commission you, meaning you will have a secure payment right now and if there is potential I can properly hire you. About how much we are talking about of money, my offer is $70usd, with $20 of them being payed in advance once you start working and the rest once you deliver the final product and the expected deadline is of 2.5 weeks. The price and the deadline itself are negotiable tho. Payment method will be through PayPal. Applications are gonna be available up to Sunday 22st of this month. If you have a portafolio, good! If not, that's also fine! Although in that case I will need something as proof that you are knowledgeable on MV and that you are fit for the job. For more questions you can reply to the post and for applications, direct message me to the following discord: LuckyShot234#2516 I hope to work with you soon!
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