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    Panthea (full demo)

    Panthea (Demo) The game is free to download in itch.io....the link is at the bottom Phantea, a world ruled by 5 pantheons of Deities, each one coexisting in peace and harmony, until a sixth pantheon decides to atack causing an unprecedented catastrophe...now it's up to the last remaining humans to save the world and restore balance to the universe... Game features: - Open world exploration (After the 3rd dungeon the world opens up completely). - No level ups and no experience, develop your character by exploring, optional areas, extra enemies, everything can lead to extra skills, stats and equipement. - No random encounters, enemies have overworld sprites and different behaviors. All of them can be dogged if you want. - A simple crafting system with over 100 weapons armors and items... - Develop your town by finding new survivors, each unlocking new features for your town, like a fast travel system, shops and more... - You can pet the dog. - Explore the world to find new skills (Over 50 skills currently implemented with many more coming). - Fast paced ATB battles with many custom animations for skills and small numbers of damage for more balanced and controlled fights. - I hope you like it and be sure to give me some feedback 😃 The demo should take around 5 to 6 hours to complete... https://diego-binder.itch.io/phantea