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    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Well I'm glad the Yanfly line breaks was a global issue, and not related to my breathtaking stupidity for a change. And yeah, great script.

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Good work, Zapit. Now we can go back to celebrating how awesome this script is, its saved me having to use faceboxes and all. And its compatible with everything I use. Also, there's a bonus, Yanfly Victory Aftermath doesn't seem to recognize line breaks on victory quotes (probably because I'm doing them wrong.) but with this I don't need to worry, because it's automatically put on the next line. You're probably going to go in the special credits alone for this, such a time saver.

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Upload it to mediafire and paste the link.

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    You say you will do it, yet I do not see you doing it. Good luck bro. If all else fails, upload the project so someone can find your error. Still in love with this script.

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Stack level too deep typically means you've got a duplicate of a script. Check your script list and see if you have two of the same script.

    Word Wrapping Message Boxes

    Definitely gonna try this out. I'll report back in once I've messed with it. Oh my god! This is insane! I can use default faces with this and not have messages cut off and have to be short, its all so orderly and refined. This is good, I mean, look at this. That never would have fit before, and to think all this time I could have been using Modern Algebra's Formatting instead of being a pedantic dumbass and asking someone to make a face window script.
  7. I wouldn't rule it out, I remember I utilized the ever living crap out of cast animations for VX Tankentai. "SELECT_ANIM" => ["m_a",105, 4, 1, 20, 0, 0, 0, 2,true, ""], "CRITICAL_ANIM" => ["m_a", 57, 4, 1, 16, 0, 0, 0, 2,true, ""], "GUARD_ANIM" => ["m_a", 76, 4, 1, 16, 0, 0, 0, 2,true, ""], "SKILL_ANIMATION" => ["m_a", 31, 4, 0, 128, 0, 0, 0, 2,false,""], "CAST_ANIMATION" => ["m_a", 32, 4, 0, 64, 0, 0, 0, 2,false,""], "CAST_SOULBEAM" => ["m_a", 37, 4, 0, 300, 0, 0, 0, 2,false,""], "OBJ_TO_SELF" => ["m_a", 4, 0, 0, 24, 0, 0, 0, 1,false,""], "START_WEAPON_THROW" => ["m_a", 0, 0, 0, 18, -24, 0, 0, 0,false,"WPN_ROTATION"], "END_WEAPON_THROW" => ["m_a", 0, 0, 0, 18, 24, 0, 0, 1,false,"WPN_ROTATION"], "PLAY_AREA_ANIM" => ["m_a",103, 1, 0, 120, 0, 0, 0, 2, true,""], I utilized this later to make state animations too. Protip: Don't try to use this with current VX Ace Tankentai, the format is hells of rude of different.
  8. A Day might be a tad Optimistic but that's cool, and yeah, sheep flock to this kind of junk like its kibble made by transatlantic gods. I'll let the authors of the editorials step up and state their pledge. Its Jacquerel by the way. Just mixing stuff up to keep myself entertained.
  9. Well, after a load of frustration and producing whipped buggywinged fuckall in Victors, I decided to use Yanfly Battle Engine Ace coupled with Jets Simple SBS. I just cant... cannot **BELIEVE** how many battle scripts Yanfly has cooked up, its like hes a she, and the pastebin is her kitchen. As for this, still keeping an eye on it, and it looks like failing to translate it has made people work for results. This is good. I do plan to eventually translate this, but just so you know, I'll be providing a very basic blueprint, and the compatibility with other scripts and how you handle it is up to you. Also, by eventually, I mean not before next year, and possibly a long time thereafter accredited to procrastination, updating the three games I'll have then, and how much I feel doing at a time, also, I might never do it, I plan too, but it may come to my attention that it could simply factor as an enormous waste of time. People seem to be doing well without a translation, so what do I know?
  10. Oh my god, losing my shit again! Well, Gonna use this for Cat Astrophe now, should be wayyy more fun. I simply cannot **BELIEVE** this awesomeness, crates and all.


    @Grim: I managed to make things through in vlads by adding a move route of 37 before the trajectory, maybe this can be done a similar way? A tip, press ctrl + F in the scripts for this integer. RPG::MoveCommand.new Then just dig around and find where the paths are. At the begining of each patch, add this RPG::MoveCommand.new(37), On top of what may look like this. RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(12), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new(10), RPG::MoveCommand.new()] I wish you luck. Keep in mind, this may be wrong since I'm going by my experience with Vlads ABS.
  12. Hahahahaha, it's funny because that was what Rolly in Intelligence (a VX game) did. On relative turf, I'm glad to see you are learning to use the system instead of making a vanilla game with it.


    That could be an ingrown flaw with the script itself, If you haven't made substantial progress and don't need a huge web of features, I'd recommend Sapphire Action System for simplicity, and death event support. I've thought of a work around, instead of battles taking place in the field, have the event approach player, and on touch, have a variable (Monster ID) change the player warp to a battlefield area and turn a self switch on, where you could then have the regular fight, and once defeated initialize a transfer by variables that check players map x, y and ID before transition to battlefield. When back, the self switch would be on of a dead target. This work around idea brought to you by Tales of Vesperia and its battle system.
  14. Wow okay, that's handy to know about, I'll give it a read.
  15. Incompatible, untidy and complicated? Even though I've got no idea how to use Victors SBS, its much easier to learn because its in english and its much cleaner in code. The problem is that getting sequences done becomes a Nightmare extracted from the mind of a James Bond villain, and its not that its hard, but daunting. Tankentai for VX is great because I know what everything means, and I can make hectic sequences without too much trouble, but untranslated this is just too much, I may translate it eventually, but not anytime in the near future, not before 12/12/12.