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  1. Remi-Chan

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the land of the dead. Population: me, Kyonides, Rikifive and PhoenixSoul on occasion.
  2. Be that way, then~ RMW is a bubble. They are safe there... so long as it manages to not eat itself from within, anyway. Yeah, and? You do realize this is my third account here, too... Don't you? Oh, just get over having been bullied for ten years by corporate whores you say? While you can't even get over people factually telling you your game has bugs? Yeah okay buddy, tell you what: If you can get over critical feedback. I'll get over abuse, gaslighting and lies. That aside, I haven't interacted with webs since 2015 anyway. Doesn't mean various do-gooders who misguidedly serve the wicked by destroying the bold (or in my case, making a poor attempt to) haven't come to try and take a piece. I'd have been over it already if these grudge-holding dweebs weren't still stoking the flames, you know? I only ever respond in retaliation. They leave me alone, I don't do anything. By all means though. Continue to tell people to get over stuff you can't fathom just because it annoys you personally. Be the entitled brat. Just know that's one of the better reasons why everyone as you say "Is out to get you." Christ, I'm not sure what I find more contemptible about you. How conceited or how careless you are.
  3. There's plenty of threads which have more recent posts. I can be toxic, I'm not denying that, but usually the toxicity is somewhat justified. When I have occasionally lashed out at you, it's only really because you act like a manchild at times. None of this silly religious nonsense you think I care about while I'm agnostic. Legit I actually kinda miss having you on the discord. You know you were only kicked, right? Also just because she honestly has no idea why you being so hostile, I'ma telling you not to be so paranoid. Kiyasu isn't my proxy. Like, 1. You're not worth making a proxy for, 2. I don't even know how to make them. 3. I don't need one because I'm not banned on either site you're frequenting? If I wanted to torment you, I'd just do it myself. Kiyasu wants nothing to do with our stupid ... whatever it is. Feud? Idk.
  4. Maybe script yourself a highlighter for post age so you don't go reviving threads that have been dead for two years. Everyone knows by this point that Celianna is a jackass. Not because her tilesets are low quality (hell i still have her in my credits because her resources manage to find their way into my games, almost like i paid for them or something), but because she herself is a low quality person. She'll shout untrue obscenities about people if she knows she can get away with it. That's not a survival thing, that's just being a classless brat. Whatever hate she gets is deserved. She's shown absolutely no regret about trying to ruin people's lives under the basic premise of 'she doesn't like them.' She's free to respond to this, if she can muster the courage to do so anywhere where she can't silence the truth. The truth that she lied about what I was, and went to herculean efforts to shut down anyone who spoke that same truth. I mean we're talking about the same pretentious corporate whore who said this banger. Two completely lies on line 1: Art theft I never committed, see above video for proof. Also it was here. not VX.net. Can't even keep her own story straight. Line 2. Calling me toxic while later going on to try to label me a narcissist, which is pretty rich coming from someone who is known as an elitist by more people than just me. Also someone so conceited they sought to remove me for the sin of not catering to her standards. it's just projection. Not to mention she laughed at the fact i cried, which is also pretty toxic. Line 3. I never said much about Archeia, unlike Celianna she's a professional and we still talk on twitter sometimes. Line 4-5. She's reading a lot into my whole 'fooling them' thing. Also if it was as transparent as she wants to think, why wasn't i banned before i could even make the post she's responding, too? Also keeps misgendering me, but I let that slide since she's probably too stupid or apathetic to know. Line 6. Trolling is what she thinks i was doing, because in her idealistic universe everyone who doesn't suck her off is trolling her. Again, rich of her to call me a narcissist when this is how she operates. Line 7. I did intend to bring down RPGmakerWeb at some point for fairly obvious reason; though now i know I'll never have to. it's basically become the death of itself. nothing i could do would kill off that place faster than people like Celianna. Line 8. It's almost like i actually didn't do anything wrong and she lied about it all. Line 9. And there it is. her being the toxic bitch and making it obvious in one post what kind of character she is. Laughing at other's misery, creating false allegations to try and remove people who don't basically worship her, and so on. Anyone who sees this and can still justify defending this madwoman, please seek help. Like her, you fucking need it.
  5. Remi-Chan

    Editing HP Bars (thickness)

    We should call your Kyonecros am I right? The dude made this request what... over 4 months ago now? He has a single post (the one above) and hasn't been seen online since late October. This forum is more dead than your ability to read times. Save-Point actually has far more activity. I'm about the only semi-active person left.
  6. Remi-Chan

    rpg maker xp KSafePoint

    Wait... But, can't events easily do this? Or is XP that primitive?
  7. Try looking at the time the last post was made before you go and necropost on a two year old thread, dweeb. Also I don't blame Celianna for charging for her resources. My beef with her is her using her political power to lie and swindle, she basically outright lied and called me a plagiarist, see below video for evidence to the contrary, and is a human being with an ugly personality and a horrible mindset. I also never blamed Yanfly for paywalling his scripts, although to be fair, they'd still be free if not for some assholes that tried to tear him down because he is an altruist who didn't mind making scripts for free. But see, that kinda made it hard for anyone else to do so, so two unkind gremlins tried to ruin that so they could put a monetary value on their own scripts and ruin the free market for everyone. As for why so many of the old time MV coders left, it's because of shitty treatment like this. Egos were an ugly thing, especially of certain individuals like victor sant. The whole thing was a mess and many were happy to just wash their hands of the sordid matter and get real paying jobs instead of trying to do right by a community that never once appreciated them. Tl;dr: Don't expect coders to stick around when you treat them like shit. I'm not a coder myself,. this is just what I have observed on several occasions.
  8. Remi-Chan

    Just arriving...

    Oh goody! Now I get to experience the saga of Kyonides at two forums instead of just one.
  9. my birthday in two weeks, and the only reason i remembered is because I made a cake for baking's sake and realized 'oh yea, i guess this can be mine, huh?'

    It's a nice blue dough and blue cing cake with a Pi symbol made up of white and blue stars.

    Aka, right up my alley.


  10. Remi-Chan

    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    Another one! This turned out much better than I expected! Warden of Eld Ashe is all riding on a comet with spellcards and chains flying around her, most likely she is in battle with one of the Children of Calamity! And of course, here's the usual Speed Draw to go with!
  11. Remi-Chan

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    Cosplaying as Nazuna Nanasaki, still need contacts and some more choice make up
  12. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    Work is being done. For now I'm mostly just fixing what my delta-testers find. Though sometimes, I like to record certain scenes. This one is good because it goes some more into soul mechanics beyond the events with Esperia. Also we see some of the Enma's more humane side here. But, I did begin work on some of the optional boss fights. Starting with the most difficult one.
  13. Remi-Chan

    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    New years started out with a bang! Three high definition renders done before the first month is even halfway done! The Letter of Endings Xali being her usual evil self in this dramatic battle shot with her rushing towards the camera. The Scarlet Rager A new kitsune OC and the first one who is a villain. Her name is Xenrasa, and she is among the Children of Calamity. The First Guardian Yi Hellrider in her "Ark Stance" which turns her basically from a woman to a beast. This is when Yi is no longer holding back. And before you ask: Yes! I DO have speed draw videos for all three! Enjoy~!
    1. Animebryan


      This is what happened when I clicked the link:


    2. Remi-Chan


      Oh yeah that's probably because the delta weekend is over.

      On march 14th the full thing will be out so you can simply wait until then~!

  14. Remi-Chan

    (Rated T) Fantasia ~Surreal Cosmic Progeny

    Bit late as accessing threads was impossible last night! Demo 3 Delta Weekend has begun! Get to the Itch.io page by clicking the image below!
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