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  1. Remi-Chan

    Various issues (read below)

    Perhaps preparing a contingency forum is a good idea if the possibility of shutdown is in the cards. Be it a migration to an already existent forum like save=point.org or a new forum, I'll leave up to the admins Kaz, Rikifive and whoever else. If migration is the smarter choice, I can vouch for the genuine goodness of save-point.org, the head of the forum is well versed in forum tech and he's also very competent at being an admin. One of the only forum administrators I respect. His name is DerVVulfman, some of you might know him. Save-point.org is also kept somewhat active due to him doing weekly newletters that cover all the activity that has happened. In fact, he's in the midst of writing one up right now!

    Let's go!?

  3. Remi-Chan

    Greetings from Anarchist Game Dev

    Ah~ I believe that's one of the promotional cover art characters that was used to advertise the engine. Yeah, there's a bunch of these.
  4. Remi-Chan

    Hello There!

    Welcome hither~! Though I should warn that promoting projects here might be a bit of a doozy, rpgmaker.net is probably one of the better places. You're most welcome to hang and chill but I'm just saying, don't expect much on the promotional side of things. This place is pretty quiet compared to its hayday.
  5. Remi-Chan

    Hello, new here!

    The MV RTP is easily my favorite. MZ definitely had... issues though. Hell, MV is the only time I've made a game using majority RTP. Usually I go wholly custom. Edits might be easier to find in more populous locales. This website is actually one of the least active of the non-rpgmaker webs boards. i can count the number of active users / regulars on a single hand. I make edits and combinations of RTP stuff often, I just don't often bother sharing it because I've usually concocted it for a singular specific purpose. Just as an example: This was forged from various title images in MZ. Night and Canyon most notably
  6. Making a push to get Flight ready for its Demo launch! For starters, I've been working on an introduction to familiarize players with the gameplay and controls. So as seen, GarfieldGerald helps with setting up controls. Heavily recommending WASD movement purely because arrow keys + z and x is awkward. Then we go meet Fatty, who instructs us on summoning our nimbus. (aka dashing) And then we have the Story beats with the three of them. Which basically amounts to them doing an intervention for Fyori and telling her she needs to make new friends as they can't really be there for her anymore. This also is a great way of setting up the game's premise. Of course! No tutorial would be complete without a boss fight! And who better than a conjuration of Esperia born from Fyori's inner turmoil? The Esoteric Figuration Enjoy~!
  7. It seems the whiteout has passed.

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    2. Remi-Chan


      Oh when I said white out, I meant the forum through the last 8 or so hours was just a blank white screen.

    3. AVGB;KBGaming



      Oops. Oh well, glad I wasn't trying to access the forums then.

    4. Rikifive


      Yee someone kept throwing flashbangs.

  8. Remi-Chan

    Hello, new here!

    Oh it's a big topic. There's still some of the old guard forums around. My personal favourite is save-point.org, the admin there is genuinely well meaning and keeps the site popping with weekly news and various other activities. This place is good due to the general skill level of most makers being fairly average or low, so i can actually be helpful when i feel so inclined, and just flex elsewise! (THIS IS A JOKE MOSTLY OKAY HALF ANF HALF W/E LET ME HAAAVE IT!) HBgames (once rmxp.org) has gotten very dated, it has similar issues technically as this place, only PNG's linked from imgur have not been working for ages which has cut its appeal down a buttload. There's actually nothing super wrong with the MZ engine itself, its RTP- especially on release, was VERY hit and miss though. My friend Coyotecraft might have done a huge thread on it. My gripe with them is the same as yours, its very commercial or corporate nature sickens me. I kept clear of rpgmakerwebs even when it was new. The only reason I was banned from there is because i was banned from here and that was just like 'oh yeah lets ban remi from this place she never fuckin visits LMAOOO'. Jokes on them though. I've managed to be allowed back in here, twice. I joined the maker community back in late 2007, and it's been a sad state of affairs to see how far its declined. But the past is dead, the best we can do is honor the memories we had by sharing them around the campfire with those who came after so they may lead with better principles than those who came before. Either way, welcome to the forum~!
  9. Remi-Chan

    Hello, new here!

    With how salty they get with me for having the guile to not let them get away with character assassination that might be more on brand than you realize! The general rule is if you don't pamper them and treat them like royalty they will treat you like ass. I hold everyone to the same standard, if a moderator or admin acts like a twat, I will tell them they are acting like a twat. The title means nothing to me. So, they don't like me, because i didn't make exceptions, among other reason, probably. Hilariously, it's because of how unprofessional and tactless they were that I'm now in a position where i can cast shade on them from what was once their sister site. But like rpgmakervx.net and later rpgmakervxace.net (or this place before it was renamed to rpgmakercentral) they left it to rot. Just yet another world and community they ruined in their infinite mope as an infinite fucking crybaby. The lives they've ruined, the careers they've destroyed. I'm one of the ones who was able to give them the middle finger and stand my ground. I dread to think how many good people fell to their toxic self-absorbed bullcrap. Eheh~ Anyway... After the massive drop off during MZ and MV kinda being where the engine peaked, I don't see them surviving too much longer. Unless they try just making a good engine and not resorting to their old tired back of tricks. Such a predictable bag of tricks I called them out on it before MZ released and they have steadfastly proven me right time and time again.
  10. Remi-Chan

    Greetings from Anarchist Game Dev

    I like how Kayzee the wholesome ass bean faerie is here all like "Rowh rowh, Fight the powah!" Then sprinkles faerie dust and teeters off like some fop. Truly there is no where else in the world i can find such a perfect contradiction of existence and I love it. I am not throwing shade I'm just having a giggle about that silly thing I just witnessed. Oh speaking of faeries n' stuff, Kayzee I'm making a game that is basically exclusively about faerie waifus and might have a demo out in a week or two! Interested Y/N? I need to know because of reasons.
  11. Remi-Chan

    Hello, new here!

    One should make games for the sheer joy of it. The clowns at RMwebs and some other select places have a whole thing about status and prestige, which is hilarious given the rpgm community is at best stigmatised and at worst hated blithely. It has no status other than being 'the toy engine for people who can't code' outside of the community. Hell, most people who aren't part of the community don't even know it has one until I tell them. Status in this community means nothing, but if you're making games for the sheer joy of it, then you're already creating for better reasons than most to the "Elite" as they like to call themselves. In case it isn't obvious, I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder with rpgmakerWebs and the people who manage it. I'm sure if you'd had a completely bullshit plagiarism claim thrown on your character for ten years that you could only finally disprove due to slowly and surely gaining a presence on social media big enough to compete with them, you might too! Anywayyy, rm drama / politics aside, welcome here to this place! It's dead sometimes but me and avgkb here do our best to make it as welcoming as possible!
  12. Remi-Chan

    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    Teach will be so proud! Another monthly homework prompt! This one was for 'Dinner for Two' and so after some VERY REASONABLE AND FAIR CHOICE PARALYSIS I came to realize the idea of Xaela and Xali having a chill picnic in some cthonian dystopic setting was what I wanted to do most. I had already hinted in various Apocrypha, most notably Romance of Evildoing Camaraderie that these two had something of a relationship built on that they understand and respect each other. They are both at their best when they are being evil as hell and unapologetically themselves. So in what could almost be seen as an homage to a scene described in the apocrypha above I had them on the eldritch edifice having a picnic (wickerberry tea included!) as a city and world burned beneath them. yet another civilization of savages victim to the Children of Calamity and their destructive rampages. Picnic of a Sort As per usual, I have also provided a speed draw video to show my process.This art piece took nine hours, over three different streams. One of the longest rendering times in recent history.
  13. Remi-Chan

    Remi-chan's Cinematic Showcase!

    Anime Opening~!
  14. Remi-Chan

    Various issues (read below)

    Ah, it appears video embedding has been fixed. Jolly good! And it seems my game's thread was posted, too! Delightful! Now the countdown begins to when something breaks again~! But for now, we gucci!