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  1. Being a game designer who loves to have little cinematic movies included to make the game an even more exciting and gripping experience... It's become a pretty normal thing for my games to have in-game cinematics that play throughout the story. Here's just a couple of these. A warning, these are often very bright and very flashy. So if you have epilepsy be careful! Many of these animations are by me. But good as it looks, frame by frame work is duly tiresome... So I do have work from my artists Xiie and Pjcr and occasionally others in there, as well.
  2. Lots of Cats, an evil girl and a wulfgirl make for one crazy event.



    1. Kayzee


      Yay for crazy events with cats!

  3. Those maps are solid but you could probably achieve the same effect and desired aesthetic while being half or even a third of the size of what they are now. Just some screenshots from my games, showcasing in total the space exploration system, the starship map and orbital background for Zen Aneia, and finally some locations on Zen Aneia talking to the aforementioned Kitsune. :3 Then to top it off and show some maps in more detail, here's a crazy evented cutscene where one of the overarching villains of my cosmos is introduced.
  4. So thanks to rpgmakerwebs having a propensity to create ugly lies in order to try and disadvantage / ruin people's lives, I feel it's time i set the record straight. From this so-called icon of integrity, a bare-faced complete and utter lie. Want proof? It's all in this video. I have receipts for all the resource packs I purchased, and she's credited in every single game I've made. Touchfuzzy is no better. The admin of rpgmakervx.net at one time, Macys_Hero, informed me that Touchfuzzy sent him warnings about me stating i indulged in plagiarism. I kept my silence, but I think today this 10 year old lie can go and die. I also had no involvement in the initial wave of review bombing. Though I do admit to finding it hilarious, and giving a couple of my enemies a very blatant and upfront one, even if it could be said those are my real feelings on the matter. I know some won't listen to anything i say because they'd rather flock to all the superstitious garbage the mainstream rpgmaker community regurgitates. But if you consider yourself a person of integrity, then I ask you to really question the sources you're getting your information from. I'm not the only victim of their mislead and silence routine, but i was definitely one of the first. This happened back in 2012, so yes, it has been 10 years now more or less. I'm only coming clean about it all now because I'm leaving the community, and feel it bad form to do so without clearing my conscience. make no mistake, I can definitely be toxic, and I've definitely done some dumb shit. But plagiarism nor art theft have ever been such things. I'm an artist myself, why the hell would I do that? Shame on those who spread these falsified accusations. Thank you for listening.
  5. Remi-Chan

    hi im new

    just trying out this community, please be gentle~
  6. Remi-Chan

    hi im new

    Oof, I'm so sorry. Also I worded that poorly. My Bricked PC is still bricked and now probably parts. I got a new PC as my prior one was completely inoperable. Motherboard meltdown. On the upside, I had the good mind to back up my game in the one chance I had to do so. That lovely thing went strong for 8 years, so it wasn't the end of the world to replace it.
  7. Remi-Chan

    Clearing My Name, Past and Present.

    Celianna's skill as an artist was never up for debate. The fact I still use her resources in spite of all her ugly qualities shows that well enough. I wouldn't exactly call this a shitpost either. The fact an imp such as her has this much influence on the rpgmaker scene isn't a laughing matter. You should be horrified. Liberty I've definitely had spats with, but she also doesn't ban people for next to nothing or go out of her way to ruin people's lives from what I've seen. I agree that Archeia is uniquely professional among them for the most part. I've had no experience with Unity. Thank you for taking the time to listen and stuff, had I posted this at RMwebs I have little doubt it would have been deleted and cast into the void.
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    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    im a dum touhou loli lmao
  9. Remi-Chan

    hi im new

    Sorry for my absence, my computer was bricked from 3rd of June to 21st of June.
  10. I like to draw girls. The Demon Lord: Mischevia The Atomic Biowulf Oh, and me~ Trash Apple
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    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    Lucifrael: The Black Swan
  12. Remi-Chan

    ya-hallo~! I have come bearing art!

    nah im not eight years old what you detect is Touhou i make a mean bullethell so does this gal, Mad E. Lin, a short-statured shadow pixie who hates chores
  13. i desire fuit gummy

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      Will these do?

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      Your offering is most suitable, with this i shall summon Belphegrape!

  14. Remi-Chan

    hi im new

    Thank you for warm welcome~
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