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  1. I can't seem to find anything on this. I know it's pretty easy to do in MV, but is there any way to actually change an actor's graphic, without affecting its face graphic in VXA? And is there any way to do the reverse (change an actor's face graphic without affecting the main graphic) as well? $game_actors[#].set_graphic() This call only seems to work if I set both the actor graphic and face graphic at the same time, which is super inconvenient. If there's a way to only set one of them at a time in a script call, or a script that would let me do so, that would be great!
  2. AmbiguouslyAnon

    Help with Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    Ah, that would explain it. No worries, it happens to the best of us. Thanks for trying to help anyway.
  3. AmbiguouslyAnon

    Help with Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    What note tags am I supposed to use to make it apply the entire sheet like that? I am using full sheets for the composite graphics and from what I can tell you can only set which index it uses for the armour, I can't find a way to apply a full sheet like you're saying.
  4. AmbiguouslyAnon

    Help with Composite Graphics / Visual Equipment

    Thank you for the quick response. I've been busy and couldn't test it out until now. Unfortunately though there's a couple problems I'm having with your method. Using a full sheet instead of a single sheet (I habitually use $ sheets so you were correct on that) doesn't seem to work with the composite graphics. Unless I'm missing something. Which I might be. Specifically if we use this example layout... ...then regardless of which index my character is using, the composite armour will always equip whatever is in index 0. There is an index parameter, so for instance I could set something like \cc1["Cloak_red", 1] and then it will use index 1 on the Cloak_red sheet when the Red Cloak is equipped, but it will then use index 1 regardless of the index the actor is using. So instead of using the default 0/walk sprites for every animation, it would just use index 1/running sprites for every animation, which doesn't really change a whole lot. Removing the index number and leaving it just \cc1["Cloak_red"] defaults to using index 0, so it doesn't seem like the script can actually apply full sheets over another one. Additionally, even if this method could work flawlessly, it's still sort of limiting. There are multiple unique one-off animations for the protagonist (particularly death animations) that probably couldn't all fit on a single sheet. That's why I was hoping to be able to have it switch which sprite I used based off of Switches, Variables, States, etc. One idea I did have in mind using variables was if I could set the armour comment to something like \cc1["Cloak_red" + $game_variables[10]] then if variable 10 was pre-emptively changed with a script call to something like $game_variables[10] = "_sitting" it could in theory automatically update it, but it doesn't work. It doesn't crash but the graphic just doesn't show up at all. Alternatively, if there's some other script or call, etc. I could use to force an actor to have the same equipment equipped as actor 1 then I think there's a very easy (albeit slightly length) workaround I could use. Also didn't realize there was a command to set an event to the same graphic as the player. That's helpful. Unfortunately it doesn't automatically update the character though, so if the player removes their equipment and then triggers a cutscene, the event will be wearing the equipment they just removed unless the event/map was reloaded first. Should be able to find a pretty easy fix for that though.
  5. Haven't had any luck asking for help elsewhere so figured I'd ask here too. Essentially, I'm using the Composite Graphics script (found here) by Modern Algebra. The script itself works just fine, but I can't find a way to let me change the graphic being used for armour under different conditions, like a control switch being activated, a state being inflicted, etc. I mainly want to use this for cutscenes. I.e., the player is wearing their custom clothes/armour, but then when the player sits down in a chair, their clothing looks out of place due to being meant for the basic standing/walking animation. I'd like to be able to somehow use alternative 'sitting' variants of the clothing here, but I can't find a way to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated, hopefully I explained myself clearly. (Alternatively, if anyone knows of a way to do the above with a different script (like Victor's), that would also work just as well.) Oh, and preferably, I would be able to manipulate an event with the same appearance as the actor for cutscenes, instead of having to manipulate the player themself. If that's too complicated, though, I can probably get by with moving the player around directly, although the former would be preferred. Thanks in advance anyone who tries to help!
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