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  1. Try something like: class Game_Interpreter def clear_atype_equips(*args) $game_party.members.each do |act| eqs = act.equips act.equip_slots.each do |slot_id| next if (itm=eqs[slot_id]).nil? || slot_id == 0 next unless args.include?(itm.atype_id) act.change_equip(slot_id, nil) if act.equip_change_ok?(slot_id) end end end end For example, from the scipt call text box inside an event you'd use: clear_atype_equips(1,5,4) to remove all armors with armor with types 1, 5 and 4 from all party members.
  2. eshra

    Rename Anything Plus

    Try this, just paste it under enelvon's, bubble's, and fomar's scripts. (Select the item using the item selection feature and then make the rename_anything script call, this snippet seems to fix the compatibility problem)
  3. eshra

    Spiral GUI?

    You need to draw more dots along the path of the spiral. You actually do have the spiral you want in the image you posted, it just looks like it's a different pattern because you're not drawing enough dots to see the path of the spiral the way you intended. Spiral drawn with more dots along its path: Here's an example:
  4. Maybe you accidentally had that ammo type marked as equipable for that class or something? I cannot generate the bug you're describing just by equipping and unequipping a unique weapon.
  5. eshra

    Collision Problems...

    Use the script calls explained in the source file, for example to check if the events with id 1 and 2 are colliding you would use the script call (from the script call box of any event): collision_between?(1, 2)
  6. eshra

    Collision Problems...

    Try this, it's a pixel collision script. It will give you the effect you said you wanted:
  7. You aren't "making a rect to display your picture" the rect object simply contains the information that is used to determine the section of the image that will be drawn in the windows bitmap. When you use an event to show a window you're making use of predefined classes such as Window_Message, Window_NumberInput... the code used in those classes is much the same as what you have. If you wanted to make it look like half of the image was off the screen you'd modify the parameters being sent to blt: So instead of making the rectangle like this: rect = Rect.new(60*index,0,180,Graphics.height) you might say: rect = Rect.new(60*index,45,180,Graphics.height) which will cut off the top 45 rows of pixels
  8. The top left corner is generally the origin unless you're doing actual math. Negative x or y values in this case are outside of the window's bounds. 'rect' contains the information the blt method needs in order to know which section of the image it should splice into the window. In your code you're passing a rectangle as a parameter to the blt method for that reason.
  9. eshra

    Quest System

  10. eshra

    spawn event help

    You can't add an event to the map at any time, hence the error. The script needs to queue the events up to add them to the map when it's safe to do so. Someone fixed this problem in the script you posted already but I don't have a link to it. You could also just use this.
  11. eshra

    How to use custom "face" image in main menu?

    It looks like you have some idea of how to begin. There's still a lot to explain though. To start we'll try to get an image to show up in a new window we define. To do this we need to create a new method inside of the cache module that will load our image. We want to keep the project organized so first we create a new folder inside of the Graphics folder called images. Our method will look for the image inside of that folder: After doing that we'll be able to load our image into memory. So now we should write a method to draw it on a window. We define this method inside of Window_Base so that we can access it from any window we create: So now we can draw the image onto a window, but we don't know how to actually get that to happen. To understand how code can be organized to do this, we'll define our own class and get the image to show up there: After we have a class that we can use to easily display the image, all we need to do is instantiate that class inside of the scene we want to view it in. In order to view the window during Scene_Map we'll alias the create_all_windows method and create our new window there. Putting it all together, the complete script would look like: So we can see drawing an image in a window is pretty simple. Drawing an image on the main menu is just as easy. In order to draw an image like this on the main menu, simply draw on the "status_window" used during Scene_Menu. The best way to do this is to simply redefine which class will be used to define the status window: And then overwrite the create_status_window method to use the new class we defined instead: So the code you're looking for (to draw an image on the main menu) may end up looking something like this:
  12. eshra

    Ra TBS

    yuuup I'm just lazy as shit won't be finished for awhile.
  13. eshra

    Auction System

    Store the fields in local variables to make the lines shorter. You could break it up like this: a = $game_temp.auctionsa.start("auction_name")auct = a.get_auction("auction_name")auct.currency = $data_items[17]
  14. eshra

    New to the forum

  15. eshra

    Auction System

    Not sure if it actually works, didn't test that much but you should be able to make a script call, for example like this: auct = $game_temp.auctions.get_auction("auction_name") auct.currency = $data_items[17] Doing that would cause the current auction to use item 17 as currency. The full script call would then be: $game_temp.auctions.start("auction_name")auct = $game_temp.auctions.get_auction("auction_name") auct.currency = $data_items[17] I haven't bug tested that much though.
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