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    Galvs Layer Graphic Error

    Hello all, first of all sorry for my bad English but I try my best. I have been having a problem with Galv's Layer Graphics or other parallax scripts that are supposed to fix the top layer. The funny thing is that I already tried to delete scripts to see if something collides, but that didn't help either. As soon as I start the game and load the savegame and change the map I get this error message with the line 203. When I start a new game I get another error message as soon as the character is automatically teleported to a map, there comes the error with the line 110. Here is the error message from Galv's. Savegame load and chance map. New game Start and chance map: GalvĀ“s Script Event: Mapsettings & Scriptlist: I hope someone can help me, because I'm getting a little desperate.... No matter what I try with it just goes wrong. Thanks in advance and have a nice evening
  2. Azrael81

    Galvs Layer Graphic Error

    Hello folks, I finally managed to solve the problem. So that if someone should have a similar problem, I immediately give a solution. I unfortunately added "Galv's Layer Graphic" late in the development of my project. This is probably the reason for the error. I just tried the tip from Galvs myself. But I had after the restarts of the game, but the problem that the script still crashed and so I had to find the source for it first. I found out what caused Galvs to crash even when restarting the game. It was the plugin: "MOG_Parallax_EX" from Moghunter these two plugins collided with each other and caused this error: Unfortunately, I could not remove the other error (line 203). I had to play up to the score so that it didn't show up anymore. My steps: set off the character's starting point at the problem location. saved project folder as *.rar. deleted a script, started a new game and changed the room. to see if the problem is still there. problem script found. "MOG_Parallax_EX" backup restored and problem script removed. Start point at the original place and saved. parallax maps created and saved. Started new game and played to the former location and saved game. no further errors occurred. PS: To all those who start new. If you plan to create Parallax maps. Then insert your chosen scripts from the beginning and then check for errors, otherwise you will end up like me who is looking for an error for days. Thanks for reading through. The post can be closed.
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