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  1. Hello, I'm a game maker from Thailand. Nice to meet you😉

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      Hello, hello! :D 

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  2. I want to make my actor do attack animation on dialogue. It's a dialogue between the Actor and an NPC, actor wants to kill NPC so he slashes NPC with a sword outside battle mode. You can see how I did in the attached pictures and video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15QvPBmP5CKt5sGL5nlhSYWJIhdrWmLug/view?usp=sharing Problem!!! When I tricker Atk right, Actor does attack Right side animation. No matter how much I tricker it. When I tricker Atk Left, Actor does attacks Left side animation only 2-3 times, then actor disappears(Transparent)! and some time Actor attacks the right side for a millisecond and turns to attack the left side. What's the problem with this? How should I fix it? Any plugin I should use? Thank you very much. 2022-09-20_09-36-23.mp4
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