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  1. How about a bandaid fix: how could I edit the script so that the damage dealt will never put the battler below 1 HP?
  2. Actually, I just tried it in an empty project, and it had the same issue
  3. have a strange issue with this <kill hp regrowth: -100%> this notetag causes it to, mostly correctly, kill the enemy when they kill a party member, however their sprite doesn't disappear, I simply see that they get inflicted with the death state and can no longer target them. <deal hp regrowth: -100%> this notetag seemingly does nothing
  4. That is the opposite of what I am asking for I'm asking for a debuff state that makes the person with the state take damage when they deal damage. It essentially makes it so all of their attacks work like double edge from pokemon.
  5. How would I make a status that damages the battler with the state whenever they deal damage to another battler? Sorta like a bleed status that makes you take recoil damage for trying to fight through it. I imagine there might be a way to do this with yanfly lunatic states, using "<while effect: string>", but I don't know how to identify when the user is specifically dealing damage to a target.
  6. It was actually a lot simpler all I did was use <hide until usable> in the skill's notetags and mark it as requiring a weapon type, then making the book teach it alongside the basic fire skill.
  7. I get this error when I equip the weapon and then look into the skills menu (even if I haven't taught the actor ignite yet) here's what I put in the weapon's notetags <Actor1 LearnSkills: 149> <Actor2 LearnSkills: 149> <Actor3 LearnSkills: 149> <Actor4 LearnSkills: 149> here's what I put in the skill's notetags <hide eval> !$game_actors[1].skills.include?($data_skills[149]); !$game_actors[2].skills.include?($data_skills[149]); !$game_actors[3].skills.include?($data_skills[149]); !$game_actors[4].skills.include?($data_skills[149]); </hide eval>
  8. You're in a dungeon and you find a book, it'll teach one of your party members the skill "ignite". However, if you use it on a party member, and then equip them with a sword, they'll also be able to use a skill called "blazing sword" Same goes for if they equip an axe, spear, and so-on, each of these synergy skills having a distinct effect and damage formula. If you do not have both the weapon and the spell, the synergy skills will not be visible. What is the most efficient way to implement such a system?
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