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  1. Hi hi! Wow, Romancing Walker was a huge part of my adolescence. Played it back when Kamain's World was still around. It had a big influence on the woman I am today, NGL. I even did a Let's Play of the Hayami Route on Youtube, but I found my commentary to be pretty cringe and set the videos to private, heh. XD Like CorpusChristi, I found this via Google searching the game, BTW. I really hope you're still planning on making it! I'm a writer so I know from the many works of fiction I've written, and my own attempts to make an RPGMaker game back when I was a teenager, that it isn't easy. Just know that if you're making it still, I'm rooting for ya and I'd actually be happy to help if you wanted it! I admit due to my reading disability I found some of the broken English of RPGFanBoy's translation to be difficult to comprehend, but there was definitely some charm to it back then. The world was kinda genric medieval fantasy, but the story had some surprising depth, emotional weight, and turns that showed that FLARE wasn't pulling punches in writing it. You can really tell it was a work of creative passion. I admit some of the "harem comedy" humor like "let's have Caris physically abuse Ryle for something not really his fault some more" and "oh look another reference to Fina having a breast complex" bits were old and tired for me even back then, but conversely there were other parts of the humor that I still enjoy to this day, like Hayami's gag boobs, Mariel's adorable derpiness, and some of the less mean-spirited slapstick. Aside from the double-standard physical abuse and Fina being frequently ribbed by the entire world for her complex over her small boobs, I also felt there was an underlying current of misandry with how the girls were so neurotic about paying for two rooms for Ryle to sleep alone in one. Even back then as a teenage girl, it bothered the heck out of me since I spent most of my life sharing a room with my twin brother (and at times, my older brother), so to me people of opposite sex sharing a room never seemed unusual to me. And since Caris or the other girls never actually said the reason they didn't want Ryle sleeping in the same room as them, it always seemed like a really arbitrary thing to waste traveling money on to me back then. Even today, I still don't actually understand why Caris made such a big deal of Ryle sleeping in the same room as girls, though I'm at least aware that there's some outdated and traditionalist societal views regarding propriety around such a thing. Meh. Normies, amirite? *shrug* I really enjoyed the complex character chemistry, slow romantic progression (even if few of the endings actually had payoff for it, which is still something I'm salty about, but that just shows how invested I got in these characters), and the way each of the characters' motivations influences their decisions. The progression of the plot always felt organic and character-driven to me. Ryle sets out on a quest to be more independent and the way he stumbles into a journey to save the world and others join him on it all just feel like natural escalation of that starting point. There's also the fact that there's so much story-and-gameplay integration, and I'm not just talking about the fourth wall breaking. Ryle learns "Warp" from head trauma and it becomes his only magic spell, and though it's used like Zoom is in Dragon Quest or Fly is in Pokemon, it's still considered a spell that Ryle knows in-world, and he uses it in cut scenes or even in battles to solve plot obstacles. That really stood out to me and stuck with me, TBH. As a teenage girl when I first played, I also can't deny I found it interesting how breast size was used to restrict certain equipment (the lingerie accessory and the Gaia Armor from the Victory Grail), especially since it allowed me to match up who could equip what with the character art to give me as a player an accurate bust chart in my mind. Wow, proof that even back then, I swung both ways. XD All in all, it was definitely the character writing that I most enjoyed about Romancing Walker. Depth to everyone, decisions driven by motivations, interesting and emotional character interactions, and I loved the less mean-spirited jokes that strayed away from negative harem anime cliches, especially some of the raunchier jokes regarding Hayami's boobs. I think that's the biggest influence Romancing Walker had on me as a teenager, since even today when I write stories I notice I focus a lot on character motivation-driven plot direction, interpersonal relationships, healthy and mutual romance as an active sub-plot, dynamic character interactions, personal growth of the characters, and big booba jokes. XD TBH, I feel that since the characters were the game's biggest strength, FLARE should've included more romance in it. When Mariel asked Ryle out on a date in that one cutscene, I would've loved to take her up on it just to see their interactions during it. The fact romance is only ever consummated in the endings, and even then only a scant few of them have them actually confess their love (one of the reasons Hayami is my favorite girl of the cast, maybe with Lucitta as a close second and Mariel as a close third), it feels like the fact that this was half-fantasy RPG/half-harem comedy dating sim, the focus was off-balance. With the character writing being FLARE's biggest strength in my eyes, I feel the game could've used more balanced focus on the dating sim aspect.
  2. Hi hi! I'm Cyberweasel89, or sometimes called "Woozle" by my friends. Veteran denizen of the Internet and an extrovert forced to live like an introvert. XD I've been playing RPG Maker games since 2000. Even tried to make my own once, though it didn't get very far aside from early map and character designing. I'd say my favorite RPG Maker game from back in the day was Romancing Walker. I have lots of fond memories of that game and I think it might've helped shape me into the woman I am today. The Reality Breakdown trilogy was also a huge part of my teenager years and I regret not finishing "Shadows of Evil: The Wings of Time" before Kamain's World went kablooey. Most of my Internet work is in fanfiction, though. I'm on the team of six known as the "Cross-Brain," who write the popular One Piece fanfic "This Bites!" I found this forum because of whispers of a potential sequel to Romancing Walker in the works with permission from FLARE. Just to be sure, I think I saw in another thread that there's a waiting period after my email activation is finished before I can edit my profile? I wanna look presentable, after all. XD