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    Sapphire City

    Hello, I have recently released a game called Sapphire City on Itch, this is an updated version of a previous game I released (Project Alldevaih). I have added new tile-sets, character artwork, some light puzzling mechanics with multiple solutions, updated the music, expanded the map and the story. Link below, https://pehriska-games.itch.io/sapphire-city This is the first game in a planned series where I hope to improve upon each iteration showcasing progress I make learning the RPG maker engine. While it's a step up from my first effort there is still a ways to go so any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated. About the game. Sapphire City is a narrative focused adventure game set in the near future. The game will take around an hour to complete. Story Escaping a troubled past you have finally found some solace with a new life, in a new city. This comfort is shattered when a call from an old friend drags you back into a world that you had tried to leave behind. Explore a city block, talk to the locals, overcome obstacles and help out an old friend. Thanks for looking.