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  1. Hello everyone, I have just faced the problem with my sprite sheets. Actually, not only mine, it also includes the defaults. I'll try to explain using screenshots. Sorry for the long explanation, I really don't know how to say it shorter. So here is my Harry Potter character I made. As you can see, everything is correct, my character is the size of 32x32 and on each frame his legs are nearly touching the lower edge of his 32x32 square. But this is what I see in the game: As you can see here, his legs are pretty far away from the lower edge of a square. I have also placed default Eric sprite and he has the same problem, just like the other sprites. And it means that his head is entering the space of another square, which is above him. I have tested it in other projects which are not using any scripts and the problem is still the same. Was it always like that? Have anyone noticed it? You can say that it is not a big deal, and I agree with you in this case with Harry. But the thing I want to do is this: I use parallax mapping. This is a screenshot from my editor, you can see the 32x32 grid as in rpg maker vx ace. So what I want to do is to make a simple animation for this portrait, I want him to open his mouth while talking. Since it is just a tile (and in my case it is a parallax background) I can't animate him, but I want to place an event over him, with a graphics of this tile, this particular 32x32 square, but with his mouth opened. So I am making a sprite sheet (I have attached it above), give it a name which starts with a $ symbol, and then placing an event with this graphics on this exact tile. And then there is this problem again: Here I placed the event with the graphics of the upper part of the portrait on a nearby tile to compare the images. And as you see, it appears to be higher than it is supposed to be, just like my Harry Potter character and Eric. So is there a way to fix it somehow? I couldn't really google anything. So now I hope you guys will read this long topic till the end. I am just so excited to do my project with my own graphics and this thing right here just kills all the vibe. Please help.
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