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    Hi all, I'll try to explain what I'm trying to figure out. Cause if it is possible to do this, I sure would love to have it in my game. So it's essentially an entire party getting a buff based on who in the party shares the same "link skill", as I like to call it. Let's call the first link skill "Warriors". The current party consists of member A,B,C and D, and they all possess the "Warriors" link skill. And so if there is a way of having the game check that they're all in the party at the start of battle, they all get a 5% attack buff. Essentially if you remove one party member and replace it with someone who does not have the link skill, it doesn't get activated. So then begs the question, is it possible to do something like this? And would it simply require eventing, scripting or a plugin of some kind? If anyone understands my explanation and knows of a way, please let me know!