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  1. Tahnryu

    Hello, new here!

    @Remi-Chan I'm actually using the MZ for my main project, what was the problem with the engine? I also must say I'm using some of the free Visustella plugins. I assume some of their team count as the "Elite". But I always try to replace them with other plugins of more unknown pluginmagicans, if I can, though. Since I'm not very fond of their practices. I followed most of the discussion on Web about Visustella and do not agree with their stance of obfuscating their (paid) plugins. I also found it really concerning most discussion was always shut down about it, while a Visu dev is admin there. I hope they will reconsider their behaviour someday. I think the biggest problem nowadays is: The Maker is too commercial. It is understandable the product forum is somehow supporting that. But it's unhealthy for forum and people. I joined the Makercrowd after the Golden Age (2k/3) when the VX Ace came to Steam. I guess, somewhere 2012-2014. Forumlife at this time was more healthy in my opinion and way more creative. That's actually why I joined here and maker.net, now. I'm trying too find the old Maker Soul, but maybe I'm just too nostalgic. Well, I guess, we will see.^^
  2. Tahnryu

    Hello, new here!

    Thank you all. @Remi-Chan Seems like you had a very unpleasant encounter with them. I'm gladly had not much conversations with the "Elite", I guess. But I have to admit the arrogance and questionable decisions sometimes shined trough in the forum. Maybe thats why I never really got to like Web. Well, I just say "pride comes before a fall".
  3. Tahnryu

    Hello, new here!

    Hello, I'm obviously new here.^^ I was semicative in RPGmakerWeb for a while (not with this name), more reading than writing. But the forum was just not my cup of tea. Thats why Im looking around for other nice communitys. I had my active time in the past in another forum which died years ago, never got really into other forums after. Im currently planning to get into forumlife again. Want to try to be more active and also finally releasing stuff. Which I never did before and I'm using the Maker since years, but I'm never satisfied with my projects. So Im working on my projects mostly for myself, it's therapeutic somehow, I guess. But my current could reach demo status and I probably will release it then. If anyone has questions I will answer, if I can.