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  1. Pikalyze

    Choosing Your Character's Gender

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I just had to point out that you could choose your gender, even though it doesn't make any difference really, except on what pokemon you end up with
  2. Pikalyze


    WOAH! Gonna be so much fun to mess around with.
  3. Sweet. It's pretty much what I needed since I'm working on a GTBS ace project too.
  4. Pikalyze

    Vertical Menu Deluxe v1.0

    Nice, I'll try it out later.
  5. It's here on RPGmakervxace.net! Hmm, at least I started my project when it was in early alpha, so now I have a good head start .
  6. Pikalyze

    Actor Duel Mini Game

    While I was working on my ultimate sickfigure spritesheet for this, I was thinking about character selection screens, and how it could be made easier. Then I thought up of this idea. What about if you made another way to determine what characters are in battle, say by a variable. Maybe if there are two variables for P1 and P2. It could be used for a lot of things, for a example, if someone made a character selection screen that just changed the two variables up when they are selected.
  7. Pikalyze

    Actor Duel Mini Game

    Awesome! I'ma mess around with it and see if I can do anything interesting . Stick figure battles, here they come.
  8. Pikalyze

    Crystal Engine - Trainer Card

    Trainer cards. Nice
  9. Pikalyze

    Crystal Engine - Extra Stats

    Extra stats That'll be handy.
  10. Pikalyze

    Simple house system

    One quick thing. Shouldn't this be in Completed Scripts? Anyways, cool. I'll try it out.
  11. Pikalyze

    [Question] Card Game

    Well, before I even start, I tried using this system one time. Very easy to work with, just very, very dull to start making the cards :3. Also, it's in Japanese, and Google Translate isn't exactly perfect(They translate the word for battler from japanese into the english 'butler'.) Anyways, what your asking is not a question. It's more of a request. You should post this into script request forums if you'd like someone to attempt to do it for you. Secondly, some of the features are already within the system, you just have to work with it. Anyways, I tried looking, but there are no current scripts that do anything of what you need, since this is a completely different concept of a system, since mostly people make battle-addons or their own standalone scripts. To change the maximum, you can edit the GUI(Window) up a bit, and make it display the list. It would require some work, but that's what we're all doing while developing games, right? As for the rest, I don't know. Just remember, it's really, Really hard to find addons/edits of stuff like this, because of how different it is from the addons people make for battle systems.
  12. Pikalyze

    Army Manager

    LOL. Today, I was thinking about how handy it would be to have another management script for Gubid's TBS. and when I went on Rpgmakervxace.net.. I found it exactly. Thanks! Edit:Also, I have a suggestion. For dismissing, how about you play a common event if you cannot dismiss, say making the person your trying to dismiss have a word or two?
  13. Pikalyze

    Please critique my game idea

    Braxillian? It's not just a movie you know :3. Anyways, nice plot :3
  14. Pikalyze

    Player Turn & Move

    Nice job. I'll try it out later.
  15. Pikalyze

    Crystal Engine - Box Storage

    Hmm. This is going to be interesting, stuffing people inside storage boxes.. Hmm... Well, nice job