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  1. @Est Thanks for the help! ---------------------------- Mods you can lock/close this thread, thanks again !-b
  2. Is there a simpler way to have it in an array? like $game_actor[1, 2, 3, 4, 5,] ? Because I have more than 3 characters xD. Thanks for the script though! Edit: @Tsuki I used "or" instead b/c if the party had any other character it would just return true and not trigger the switch... But is it possible to def the script and use a script call. Because I'll have to keep updating this when the player gets more playable actors... so my set-up looks like this:
  3. Yea! The art is fantastic imo. I will edit this post once I played some of it . Is that slenderman? I really hope there are no super scary parts in your game D:... edit: wow the beginning was good... I want to record >_>... I'll make another edit soon, hahaha... Edit2: I played the game for around 10 minutes and... I was too scared to continue playing T_T... So it's a great game! xD I'll show you a video of where I stopped lol... Gah... >_> The setting, theme, and dialogue are well mixed together and deliver a potential of scary I have not seen in an RPGvxace game (from my experience ^^). Edit3: Video... Lols
  4. Xaiyeon


    Hi Dani, what's up, I love your moogle btw xD
  5. Xaiyeon

    Hi guys

    Welcome! If you have anything to express (questions, lalala,) in words, blast away!
  6. I like the screenshots of your game, but for odd reasons the mapping looks awkward, like the Shrine one. The pillars are on top of the side of the wall... I think the story is nice. It reminds me of ChronoTtrigger, DarkCloud, and DarkCloud2 xD. You should also state the file size of the game xD!
  7. I agree as well! You should get trees and create them as an event, chop them down and make them add 1 to a variable. When the event (parallel process) meets the criteria... I guess Have a map switch with cut trees, building progress,..., and finally the complete building. Or yea... You could try that EST build script.
  8. Xaiyeon

    Choice of Weapons

    I know what you are trying to accomplish. Yes, it is viable to have multiple type of weapons. As long as you balance the monsters in each "area" so that the player can determine what weapon works best, that is good. You can also add a short tutorial explaining to the player, so it's not confusing. I think it's a great idea. I have this too, but I only use two types of weapons per class in my game. In a way it reminds me of God Eater, Monster Hunter, and PSO2. I hope it goes well. Edit: Why don't you try going to Database > Terms > create weapon categories. Then go to your class or actors and use "equip weapon" type: you can add more than one...
  9. I think I understand when to use cliche now... Your story is cliche (agreeing with Ceci) because I have seen that type over and over again . However, I am certain that individuals who have not played games before would find it new and exciting! The maps look nice: I like it. On the other screenshot is the text supposed to have that line break? Hahaha... Great job so far!
  10. Xaiyeon

    Nine tailed Critique

    Nice new fox! If only there was a second button to hit "like", I WOULD. I can't wait to unleash a fox monster in my game (of course credit to you!) .
  11. Xaiyeon

    The Radioactive Chicken Heads: Badd Bunny Breakout

    Hmm... This looks really nice and legit. Some of the graphics are great too... I can't really say much since I have not played the game. However, congratulations on making the game!
  12. Hi "Guests" that are viewing the site! Why don't you make an account and say "Hello"! :D

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      lol it is mostly Google and other search engine visits. =]

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      xD I hope not though. =D

  13. Nice cut-scene, I noticed a few mistakes... Like you spelled worshipped wrong... It's worshiped xD... Great job on the vid tho -b
  14. Xaiyeon

    Nine tailed Critique

    AWWWW It's sooo cute!!! However the ears look a little small compared to the rest of its body. The eyes look slanted and makes it look mad-looking. Idk if the nose is on the mouth, but you should move it up a bit...(or maybe I don't see the nose xD idk). Still CUTE THO!
  15. Late Grats! >o< This game deserves it . Hope you development is going smooth ~ Are you going to have animated cg scenes later in dev stage? Like zombies being killed by the main chara? That would be a cool extra.